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16:15  06 december  2021
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Omikron brakes Africa travel from

 Omikron brakes Africa travel from with strict travel restrictions, Germany and many other states want to curb the spread of the coronavirus variant Omikron. The South Africa's government is indicated. © Alberto Pezzali / DPA / AP / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Wave with a view to the new variant of the Coronavirus discovered first in southern Africa have decided numerous states temporarily to initiate their travel traffic with the countries of the region or at least strict restrictions to subjugate.

act after a positive Corona test simply throwing a tablet to prevent to land with heavy symptoms in the hospital - that sounds good. However, it is not so easy so far. The most developed pills against Covid-19 are Molnupiravir distributed by the US pharmaconzern MSD under the name Location Vrio, as well as paxlovide of the competitor Pfizer . These antiviral agents reduce the ability of the virus to reproduce themselves.

  Angst vor Omikron: So wirken Corona-Medikamente © Provided by Berliner Zeitung

LocationVrio may only be used in emergencies in the European Union. Regular market approval has not yet been granted, even in the US, this is still checked.

Results of a Clinical Study , which MSD published on 26 November, prove significantly lower efficacy when they had challenged at the beginning of October with a large vortex in the early October. Location review therefore reduces by 30 percent and not as initially announced by around 50 percent, the risk of hospitalization and the risk of severity of corona riskatients.

cases with omikron variants are held in Europe

 cases with omikron variants are held in Europe in Europe piling up the Corona cases with the new virus variant Omikron discovered for the first time in South Africa and put the continent in alert: after the first cases in Germany, the UK and Italy, the new mutant was the Saturday also reported in the Czech Republic. In Bavaria, the authorities confirmed two cases. In the Netherlands, 61 of around 600 passengers from South Africa were positively tested on Corona.

In addition, there are still doubts about the safety of the agent. Theoretically, his commitment could favor the occurrence of new corona variants or have carcinogenic effects. However, US experts appreciate these risks as low.

The EU and US health authorities are currently examining paxlovide, which is based in part on the anti- HIV drug ritonavir. Both for location fiddle as well as for paxlovid speaks that they are probably equally well regardless of different coronavirus variants. This could also be used when the omikron variant prevails.

These high-tech drugs are not intended for a mass use in view of their high price. Thus, the drug Ronapreve costs estimates of non-governmental organizations, according to around 1700 euros per dose. The funds developed by Regeneron and Roche is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for older or immunogallyconded patients. It combines two monoclonal, ie synthetically prepared antibodies: Casirivimab and Imdevimab. The cocktail is injected uniquely intravenously.

Cheap Flights EasyJet sees first omikron effects

 Cheap Flights EasyJet sees first omikron effects The British low-cost airlines EasyJet can not exactly assess the economic consequences of the Coronavirus variant Omikron. However, since there are already first effects mainly on the short distance, the Ryanair competitor lowered its planned capacity in the current quarter. © Patrick Pleul / DPA Central Image / DPA EasyJet Chef Johan Lundgren: At the start of the winter there are many uncertainties.

Apart from the high costs, monoclonal antibody has the disadvantage that mutations can reduce their effectiveness in new coronavirus variants. Thus, Regeneron acknowledged on 30 November that his monoclonal antibodies against Omikron may be less effective.

For particularly diseased patients, the WHO recommends other monoclonal antibodies: Tocilizumab is expelled by Roche under the name ACTEMRA or ROACTEMRA, Sarilumab from Sanofi is under the name Kevzara on the market. According to WHO, these two funds suppressing the immune system must be administered together with corticosteroids.

Great Britain has just admitted another therapy with monoclonal antibodies: Sotrovimab. The remedy developed by the British Pharmaconzern GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) along with the California Vir Biotechnology company is also administered uniquely intravenously and has a long duration of action.

Fear of Omikron: The tour of travel can be returned to

 Fear of Omikron: The tour of travel can be returned to the new bookings. This is due to the rising corona numbers and the new variant. Whoever flies to Germany from South Africa must be quarantined. © Photo: DPA / Xin-Hua Departure at Cape Town Airport: Many tourists want to go away. actually Europe's largest tour operator wanted to pop the corks. After 20 months pause, on Tuesday, a TUI cruise ship in Cape Town restarted again for the first time. But instead of party mood is afraid of the highly contagious Omikron Corona variant in South Africa.

These funds were the first active substances recognized by the WHO as Corona therapy in September 2020. According to WHO, the systematic administration of corticosteroids according to previous data is only installed in patients who are under a "heavy or life-threatening form" suffer from Covid-19. The agents act against the heavy COVID cases typical inflammatory processes. According to Who, they reduce the risk of death as well as the risk of being artificially ventilated.

Corona therapies are similar to arms for poor countries as vaccines. According to an estimate of physicians without limits, a multi-day treatment with LakeServrio or Paxlovid in developed countries costs around 600 euros - priceless in many parts of the world.

Pfizer and MSD have therefore concluded license agreements, which should facilitate the distribution of their anti-corona pills in poorer countries, if they are admitted there. However, this does not mean that developing countries will have immediate and comprehensive access.

Population Data Show: Vaccination Protection against Omikron Reduced .
"This important UK study on Omikron shows for the first time clearer how contagious variant is," writes Federal Health Minister Karl Laudutbach on Saturday on Twitter. "Early booster vaccine seems useful, probably necessary." The researchers emphasize that the results are to be interpreted, among other things, due to the small number of infections with the omikron variant with caution.

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