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03:00  14 december  2021
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shooting in an American high school: the parents of the shooter arrested

 shooting in an American high school: the parents of the shooter arrested © Jake May Wednesday, in front of Oxford High School, Michigan, Theater of the Fusillade. Teenager parents who killed four students in a northern high school Tuesday were arrested on Saturday. The day before they had been rare, charged with involuntary homicides for letting their son use the weapon they had offered him as a gift.

Claude Guéant, le 18 octobre au tribunal judiciaire de Paris. sentence © Stéphane de Sakutin Claude Gueant, October 18 at the Judicial Court of Paris.

Claude Gueant was incarcerated this Monday morning at the Paris Prison in Paris, learned BFM police source TV, confirming LCI information. This imprisonment is related to the case called "cabinet bonuses" , in which the former minister was sentenced to two years in prison, one year of which appeals in January 2017 and 75,000 euros of fine . In early November, however, the Paris Court of Appeal revoked a portion of its stay (3 months) and its conditional freedom (6 months), considering that Claude Gueant did not realize the necessary payments to pay for the fine and the fine. damages and interests he had been inflicted. He so far was serving this sentence under the parole.

boycott Beijing Games: London joins Washington and Canberra

 boycott Beijing Games: London joins Washington and Canberra © Eyepress News / Eyepress via AFP Olympic Games, Winter Sports, Beijing, China, U Diplomacy, and not sport. After the United States and the Australia , it is United Kingdom to boycott the Beijing Olympic Winter Games. A boycott called "diplomatic", which represents a new setback for the Chinese regime, accused by Westerners to walk on the rights of man.

"In execution of two judgments rendered on 9 November, the person concerned appealed today at the service of the execution of the penalties of the Paris Prosecutor's Office and was incarcerated at the Paris-LA-Santé Penitentiary Center" , written On Monday the general prosecutor's office in a statement. The right arm of Nicolas Sarkozy was placed under nut for nine months, AFP said his lawyer Mr. Philippe MOUTZ EL GHOZI, who announced his intention to seize the sentencing judge to obtain a development. , highlighting the health status "worrying" of its client.

"only 36%" of the paid debt

video: Trial of Alain Griset: sentenced to six months in prison, his lawyer appeals (Le Figaro)

"he pays what 'He can pay, that is, 3,000 euros a month, he does not have money hidden so he can not pay more, and despite that, we decided that we would send it to prison , lamented the lawyer. At a hearing on December 3, Claude Gueant repeated: "I did everything I could and I do everything I can to make my debt." But not enough to convince the national financial prosecutor. On the contrary, his representative said that the former Minister did not meet the decisions of justice ", thus weighing his requisitions against him, one year of imprisonment, of which six months closes, at a year. The financial prosecutor had argued that "only 36%" of his debt to the public treasury, about 190,000 euros, was paid, and for "a great part in a constraint way through seizures" .

OJ 2022: China district a diplomatic boycott, which also divides

 OJ 2022: China district a diplomatic boycott, which also divides © Handout / Reuters the IOC The United Kingdom and Canada joined Wednesday the United States and Australia in the " Boycott Diplomatic From the Beijing Games, new setbacks for the Chinese regime accused by the Westerners to tread the human rights, particularly in its Muslim region of the Xinjiang (Northwest). These countries will send many athletes to games but not official officials.

The case concerned cash premiums that members of Nicolas Sarkozy were paid each month in an envelope for investigation and surveillance costs (FES) of the police. Gueant had been condemned for having drawn in this envelope. According to the Prosecution, between 2002 and 2004, while it was Cabinet Director of Nicolas Sarkozy, Minister of the Interior, the Enarque had paid each month 5,000 euros, an amount added to a salary of 8,000 euros and compensation of 2,200 euros.

On December 3, the former Near Nicolas Sarkozy had already faced justice for another case. More than three weeks after the end of the trial of the Elysee's surveys, Claude Gueant was inflicted by

the National Financial Public Prosecutor's Office (PNF) of heavier requisitions than at the end of the trial held in November . On Friday, the parquet floor has required a year in prison, six months in this case where the former Minister of the Interior was tried to have ordered, without call for tenders, hundreds of studies during the five-year.

Updated: December 13 at 12 o'clock with the reactions of Claude Guent's lawyer, PNF and details on the development of the case.

Belarus protesters sentenced to 18 to 20 years in prison .
Belarus-political: Belarus protesters sentenced to 18 to 20 years in prison © Reuters / Michaela Rehle of Belarusian protesters sentenced to 18 to 20 years in prison Moscow ( Reuters) - Four Belarus who had participated in the protests against the contested re-election of President Alexandre Lukashenko were sentenced to sentences of 18 to 20 years in prison for "terrorism" and "arms trafficking", reports Wednesday the official Belarusian agency Belta.

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