US News Alexandre Benalla in custody: Five questions about the business case with a Russian oligarch

23:50  14 december  2021
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Alexandre Benalla, ici le 5 novembre 2021 à Paris, jour de sa condamnation à un an de prison ferme. © Stephane de Sakutin / AFP Alexandre Benalla, here on November 5, 2021 in Paris, Day of his conviction to one year in prison .

Open in February 2019, the investigation for "corruption" in the case of the security contract signed with a Russian oligarch follows its course. On Tuesday, December 14, 2021, Alexandre Benalla - The ex-collaborator of Emmanuel Macron condemned in other cases - was placed in custody, as well as his wife. This is what we know about this case.

Alexandre Benalla, the former adviser of Emmanuel Macron , and his wife were in custody on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. After his conviction, on 5 November 2021 by the Criminal Court of Paris, to One year in prison for violence in the 2018 Labor Day meeting, weapon port without authorization and fraudulent use of diplomatic passports, Alexandre Benalla is at the heart of a new case.

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with his wife, they are suspected of "corruption" around a contract signed between the Russian oligarch Iskander Makhmudov and the old acolyte of Alexandre Benalla, Vincent Crase . As part of this preliminary inquiry of the National Financial Public Prosecutor's Office, they are interviewed by the Penal Office of Economic Delinquency. But what are they precisely accused? Explanations in five questions.

1. What contract is it?

In 2018, Société Mars, Vincent Crase - former gendarme and ex-employee of the Republic in March, and the Russian oligarch Iskander Makhmudov signed a three-month contract. It was aimed at "Ensuring the safety and accompaniment of the children" of Iskander Makhmudov, enrolled in Monaco, "as well as the security and accompaniment of Mr. Makhmudov when he comes in France" , explained Vincent CRASE in Paris Normandie, in April 2019 .

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2. Who is this Russian oligarch?

Iskander Makhmudov is a billionaire at the head of an industrial empire in Russia. It also has several properties in France.

In Spain, it was the subject of a survey of suspicions of belonging to a powerful criminal organization. The file, sent to Russia in 2011, was ranked without continuation, depending on the Madrid floor.

3. What is Alexandre Benalla in this case?

In December 2018,

Mediapart reveals the existence of this contract, subcontracted to another security company, the velvet company , for which Alexandre Benalla worked between October 2014 and November 2015. For this contract at 294 000 €, signed between Mars and Iskander Makhmudov, Velvet, as a subcontractor, would have affected 172,200 €.

Alexandre Benalla is suspected of negotiating the contract signed by his acolyte as he still worked for the Elysee. The ex-collaborator of Emmanuel Macron officially left this position in July 2018.

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 Russia: the son of a close to Vladimir Putin named CEO of the country's first social network © Pixabay Russia: the son of a close to Vladimir Putin named CEO of the country's first social network Vladimir Kirienko, the son From a close collaborator of Vladimir Putin, takes the head of the Russian Tech group VK, the mother house of the first Russian social network "Vkontakte".

According to Mediapart, Velvet, Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase would have come together for the first time in mid-March 2018 in a shy bar near the presidency of the Republic, where the employee of the Elysee had his habits. The payment would have intervened at the end of June, while Alexandre Benalla was still in office.

After leaving the Élysée, Alexandre Benalla would have recovered the contract with Iskander Makhmudov through a baptized france closed protection.

4. How do Vincent Crase and Alexandre Benalla defend themselves?

In his interview with Paris Normandy in 2019, Vincent Crase insured for having

"never met" the Russian oligarch.

In front of the Senate in 2019, Alexandre Benalla assured he did not take part in the negotiation of this contract. The Senate Commission of Inquiry asked for legal proceedings against it following

suspicions of "false testimony" at this hearing by the Senate. His assertions on the case of the contract with the Russian oligarch are particularly targeted.

5. What does justice say?

In February 2019, the National Financial Office opened an investigation for "corruption" around this case. In this context,

Vincent Crase was briefly placed in custody in December 2019. It was two years later, now the case of Alexandre Benalla. Proof that the investigation is still in progress.

In addition to this case, investigators are also interested in a signed contract with another Russian oligarch, Farkhad Akhmedov.

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