US News end of caval for zebras escaped near Washington

04:30  15 december  2021
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ASSAULT OF CAPITOLE: The City of Washington complains against far-right

 ASSAULT OF CAPITOLE: The City of Washington complains against far-right Photo / Jose Luis Magana File the city of Washington accuses extreme right groups to have planned, promoted and participated in the Murgered attack against the Capitol on January 6th. The City of Washington complains against far-right groups. She accuses them of planning, promoted and participated in the deadly attack on the Capitol on January 6th. The goal is to get repairs. with our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin "If we could put them bankrupt, it would be a big day.

Des zèbres dans un enclos au zoo de Kuwait City le 7 mai 2021 © Yasser al-Zayyat from the zebras in an enclosure at the Kuwait City Zoo on 7 May 2021

Two zebras that lived at liberty a few tens of kilometers from Washington for nearly Four months, escaping capture attempts, were finally caught up, announced a Tuesday.

The equidae had escaped at the end of August of the Maryland farm where they lived and their mad adventure - as well as the successive failures to catch them - had passionate inhabitants and local media.

But after turning into the authorities, the zebras have been captured, announced Tuesday Richard Bell, a representative of an agency of the US Department of Agriculture, without providing more details.

Russia on the warfare? Putin expected in press conference

 Russia on the warfare? Putin expected in press conference © sputnik / afp b ras of iron with Washington and threat of invasion of ukraine : vladimir poutine will be interviewed at length Thursday by the Russian and international media on the politico crisis -Military that brings the European security balance from the cold war. At this annual marathon press conference, it will also be expected on the repression of the Russian opposition for a year, the loss human balance of the pandemic in the country and the economic difficulties.

Prince George County, where the prosecution took place, announced several weeks ago that it would use other zebras to try to catch recalcitrant quadruped.

The case, documented with fun on social networks by the residents as animal appearances, had taken a sordid round in October.

Prince George County had announced the death of a third zebra, which had fled at the same time as his comparpers but had been caught in a trap.

Their owner, Jerry Holly, had been charged with acts of cruelty on animals. The man, who lives in a large farm, owned thirty zebras, according to justice.

The possession of exotic animals, phenomenon highlighted in the Netflix "Tiger King" series, is allowed in some American states, allowing those who wish to keep at home Tigers or monkeys.


Putin promises a "military and technical" answer in case of Western threats .
"in case of maintaining the very clearly aggressive line of our Western colleagues, we will take adequate military and technical measures," said the President Russian in front of the fine flower of the army and the Ministry of Defense. "We have it perfectly right." Your Browser does not support the Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Tuesday a "military and technique" answer if his Western rivals did not end their politics deemed threatening, on the background of increasing tensions aroun

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