US News Excluded. Frank leboeuf bald at 21: These terrible reflections he had to face ...

19:55  15 december  2021
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Paris, London, Rome, Berlin and Washington defend the sovereignty of Ukraine

 Paris, London, Rome, Berlin and Washington defend the sovereignty of Ukraine © Via Reuters The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky participates in a ceremony in Kharkiv, December 6, 2021. France, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom Italy, Germany and the United States expressed on Monday their "determination that the sovereignty" of Ukraine "be respected", while the threat of a Russian invasion. For its part, Washington has promised to react in case of aggression, but not to intervene militarily. The West rises the tone.

Exclu. Frank Leboeuf chauve à 21 ans : ces réflexions terribles auxquelles il a dû faire face... © Syspeo / SIPA Excluded. Frank Leboeuf bald at 21: These terrible reflections he had to face ... This month, Frank Leboeuf is at the microphone of our parents' podcast first. A very sincere interview where he approaches the fall of his hair when he was young and the way he overcame it.

At the beginning, he published an autobiography called believe it for self at editions the mail of the book . A book in which Frank Leboeuf returns to his atypical course. It is this month the guest of our Podcast parents first , in which personalities confidence on their daily dad or mom. Bouncing on an interview of his son Hugo in which explained that he had unfortunately inherited the capillarity of his dad, Frank Leboeuf gave taboo on this issue. " I was very complex ," he explains. I went to see myself shaving my head in 1993, at a time when it was not fashion . my father saw me on TV the shaved head and phoned me by saying : 'What do you have? Are you sick? Do you have leukemia?'. I also remember that we had Makes a match in Lens we had lost with Strasbourg. I had shaved my head. The coach had come to tell me that we had lost because of that. You realize? ".

Bundestag: Traffic light parties defend parties of parties

 Bundestag: Traffic light parties defend parties of parties SPD, Greens and FDP want to replenish the Infection Protection Act: the most important points at a glance. © Michele Tantussi / Reuters In the Bundestag, the deputies debate among other things via a partial vaccination. traffic lights parties defend peilial obligation The Bundestag has first advised on the planned corona vaccination obligation for staff in clinics and nursing homes.

one of the first French known to shave the skull

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Vous connaissez l'adage

and frank leboeuf to continue: "My brother was VRP and lost her hair like me, he did not dared to shave the hair until 1999. Because we were a bad person when we shaved his head, we were a skinhead. I lost my hair at 21 years old. In 1993, I started at Shaving my head. I rehabilitated the hair to please my father until 1996 where Gianluca Vialli (NDLR: Famous Footballer Italian) shaved my head. We allowed people who lost their Hair not to look too old. In France, I was one of the first to do it. Then there was Fabien Barthez ". Intimist maintenance to listen via the Player above but also on all podcast platforms.

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Hong Kong-Abstention Historic for the Legislative Legislative "Patriots" .
Hong Kong-Election / (Photo, TV): Hong Kong-Abstention Historical for the Legislative "Patriots" Hong Kong, December 20 (Reuters) - Legislative Elections From Sunday to Hong Kong, for which only "patriots" could be candidate under electoral reform, have been marked by record abstention, despite the government's efforts to attract voters, on the back of freedom. . The participation rate was 30.2%, almost half less than at the preceding vote in 2016, while the first results indicated that almost

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