US News "Playground" of the AntiVax, the Telegram Messaging in the viewfinder of the German authorities

21:20  15 december  2021
21:20  15 december  2021 Source:   leparisien.fr

for fear of being imprisoned for a falsified sanitary pass, a German kills his family before getting suicide

 for fear of being imprisoned for a falsified sanitary pass, a German kills his family before getting suicide © Copyright 2021, Obs a father killed his wife and three children before committing suicide because He feared to be imprisoned after falsifying an anti-Covid sanitary pass, according to the content of a goodbye letter revealed on Tuesday, December 7 by the German justice.

En Allemagne, la loi obligeant les réseaux sociaux comptant au moins deux millions d’utilisateurs à lutter contre les contenus criminels, ne s'applique pas aux messageries cryptées telles que Telegram. LP/Arnaud Journois © LP / Arnaud Journals in Germany, the law obliging social networks with at least two million users to fight against criminal content, Does not apply to encrypted messaging such as Telegram. LP / Arnaud Journals of false sanitary passes, testimonials from controversial doctors and even the addresses of mandatory vaccination members ... Here is an example of shared content in the German antivax groups via the Telegram application. On the Rhine, encrypted messaging is more than ever in the government collimator, after the death threats from Michael Kretschmer , Minister President of Saxony, on a telephone loop of vaccination opponents. While the new Chancellor Olaf Scholz promised a response, several German political figures called for better control of encrypted messaging, which they accuse of being "the playground" of the plotters and the ultra straight. "Telegram should not be a lair for criminals who are not held responsible for their actions," said Liberal MP Konntin Kuhle on the German Economic Daily Handelsblatt . "We must act more determinedly against the incentive, violence and hatred on the net," has reacted the new Federal Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, deploring that "these encrypted messengers (Telegram, signal , WhatsApp ...) are currently not concerned "by the law against hatred online unlike Facebook or Twitter. In Germany, the law requires social networks with at least two million users to combat criminal content such as hateful comments. From next year, social networking suppliers will also need to report illegal content to the Federal Office of Criminal Police. But that does not currently apply to courier services such as Telegram, according to Handelsblatt. Now politicians would like the company filters hate content or fake news. Konstantin Kuhle goes even further, believing that "the judiciary and not private companies must decide whether individual content is criminal". Private correspondence "It seems very complicated to put in place," says Parisien Basile Ader, lawyer at the Paris Bar. For him, Telegram allows a private correspondence between Internet users, any moderation is impossible. "It's as if we were asking postal employees to monitor the content of the letters that people are getting on," he explains. But a discussion channel grouping several thousand Internet users really be considered a private exchange? "Private or public character does not only depend on the number of people it concerns but also if they belong to the same community of interest," says Basile Ader. In other words, if the members of the conversation know each other, which is complicated to determine. Difficult to attack Telegram on the legal level. But the Minister of the Interior of Lower Saxony, Boris Pistorius, issued another proposal: that of forcing digital giants such as Google and Apple to remove the messaging from their application stores. A method that is similar to that taken on 24 November in France by the General Directorate of Competition, Consumption and Fraud Repression (DGCCRF), which ordered the search engines to derify the sales site in Wish line. But again, Basil Ader is skeptical about this option he considers "arbitrary" and "non-compliant with freedom of commerce and freedom of expression". Since the beginning of the pandemic and more particularly after the German government has announced its project to decree mandatory vaccination, hundreds of complocists and vaccine opponents are found and exchange on Telegram. And the German authorities suspect the far right to be at the forefront of the AntiVax movement. In addition to the "Dresden Offline Networking", the conversation targeted by the police in the case of death threats against Michael Kretschmer, Handelsblatt cites the extreme right-right group "Free Saxony", which created a telegram loop counting more 100,000 users, criticizing the government's health policy. In France, if the link between the extreme right and the comploise is less obvious, the health crisis has resulted in the emergence of the same type of antisystem groups. Thus according to Mediapart, the telegram loop "the censored truth", which presents itself as "an independent alternative media, without conflicts of interest", brings together nearly 45,000 people, mostly antivax.

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