US News Ukraine: NATO and EU Menace Moscow of "Lourdes Consequences"

06:17  17 december  2021
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biden threat poutine penalties "As it has never seen it" in case of invasion of Ukraine

 biden threat poutine penalties © Copyright 2021, Obs US President Joe Biden agitated on Wednesday 8 December the threat of sanctions like Vladimir Putin "Never saw" in case of invasion of Ukraine , his Russian counterpart judging him that Moscow had "the right" to defend himself. Other Western countries have also raised the tone.

otan, union européenne, russie, ukraine, menaces, sanctions © Mikhail Metzel / Kremlin Pool / / EPA / Sputnik Pool / EFE NATO, European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Threats, Sanctions

L ES Tensions do not wamber between Russia and the Western world, while the Ukrainian situation continues to worry observers. Thursday, December 16, at the end of a European summit, the 27 European Heads of State promised "heavy consequences" to Russia, if ever his army had to intervene in Ukraine. "Any new aggression (...) will have heavy consequences and a high cost", have written European officials. A will supported by NATO, in a communiqué published simultaneously: "The price to pay will be high".

Particularly, NATO and the EU refused the veto posed by Russia, which refuses that Ukraine joins the military structure under American influence. "We will not compromise Ukraine's law to choose his own way, on NATO law to protect and defend all its members, and that NATO has a partnership with Ukraine He said the Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, after a meeting at the headquarters of the Alliance with the President Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky.

Putin promises a "military and technical" answer in case of Western threats

 Putin promises a "in case of maintaining the very clearly aggressive line of our Western colleagues, we will take adequate military and technical measures," said the President Russian in front of the fine flower of the army and the Ministry of Defense. "We have it perfectly right." Your Browser does not support the Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Tuesday a "military and technique" answer if his Western rivals did not end their politics deemed threatening, on the background of increasing tensions aroun

Russia requires NATO to renounce "formally" to its 2008 decision to open the door to the accession of Ukraine and Georgia, a red line for the Kremlin. "You have to avoid entering the Moscow game," said AFP on Thursday the representative of a European state. "Faced with Russia's military pressure, errors must be avoided: accepting the conditions asked would be an act of weakness, but it is also necessary to avoid climbing".

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video: Tensions between Russia and Ukraine: NATO rejects Russian interference in its links with Kiev (Dailymotion)

Russia awarded Wednesday At the US Secretary of State in charge of Europe Karen Donfried a list of "proposals" on the legal guarantees claimed by NATO during his visit to Moscow. Ms. Donfield went on Thursday to Brussels to present these proposals to the Ambassadors of the Alliance Member States, he was learned from diplomatic sources at NATO. Jens Stoltenberg has formalized an end of non-reception in Moscow and EU leaders, 21 of whom are NATO , have shown their determination not to bend and called Moscow to dialogue with Kiev.

Russia reveals a rapid response from Westerners

 Russia reveals a rapid response from Westerners Russia-USA-SECURITE: Russia reveals its requirements, calls for a rapid response from Westerners © Reuters / Leonhard Foeger Russia unveils its requirements, call for a quick response Westerners by Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber and Tom Balmforth Moscow (Reuters) - Russia unveiled Friday the "safety wages" that it claims to NATO, whose promise to cease any military activity in Ukraine and Europe East and put an end to the enlargement of the alliance, while judging "little encouraging" the response o

Confidentiality of penalties

No details on the planned response should be communicated. "Let the opponent in uncertainty is the best way to use the weapon of sanctions," a European diplomat explained. The North Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, recently completed but not yet entered into service, "is a piece of the great puzzle", however, indicated the leader of the Polish government matèsz Morawiecki.

The new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has not yet openly pronounced for the use of the pipeline as a lever against Moscow , because the subject divides within his coalition, nevertheless entrusts a diplomatic source. Partisan of preventive sanctions, Volodymyr Zelensky has not hidden his disappointment at the waitition of the EU: "Many European leaders do not usually understand what is happening at our borders," he lamented.

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Scholz: EU summit with clear signal to Moscow because of Ukraine

 Scholz: EU summit with clear signal to Moscow because of Ukraine For the Chancellor as well as other EU States and Government, her Brussels must find a decisive position to the Ukraine conflict. Meanwhile, signals of the compromise readiness come from Russia. © Kenzo Tribouillard / AP Photo / Picture Alliance Chancellor Olaf Scholz is shortly before the Brussels EU Summit Journalists Speech and Answer The EU Summit will, according to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, is a clear signal to Russia in conflict for guarantees by Ukraine send out.

while the Ukrainian forces fight in the Donbass region (EST) of the pro-Russian separatist forces that Moscow is accused of supporting, Mr. Zelensky has committed "Do not give way to provocations" and have "no aggressive attitude" . The 27 called for "to encourage diplomatic efforts" with Moscow under the "Normandy format".

In this diplomatic configuration established at a summit in Minsk in 2015 and accepted by Vladimir Putin, France and Germany play the role of moderators in the talks between the two belligerents. The Alliance has renewed its proposal to bring together the Council NATO-Russia, the consultation body created in 2002 between the two blocks. Moscow has so far rejected this proposal. Return Russia to the negotiating table will not be easy: "Moscow does not want to return to Normandy format and wants to negotiate with the United States," acknowledged the European diplomat. "Americans support the return to this format for negotiations and talks are underway with Moscow. But nothing is stalled yet, "he said.

Russia on the warfare? Putin expected in press conference .
© sputnik / afp b ras of iron with Washington and threat of invasion of ukraine : vladimir poutine will be interviewed at length Thursday by the Russian and international media on the politico crisis -Military that brings the European security balance from the cold war. At this annual marathon press conference, it will also be expected on the repression of the Russian opposition for a year, the loss human balance of the pandemic in the country and the economic difficulties.

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