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12:28  19 december  2021
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Spain Press nailed to the wall Barca

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I just dare to claim that we are in a tech crash. Maybe there are better words or descriptions for this. Corona profiteer crash or growth stock crash. But in the end, we can find that many dynamic shares in recent weeks have corrected to strongly broken.

Bär im Anzug steht vor sinkendem Kurs Börsencrash Crash an der Börse © Provided by the Motley Fool, Inc Bear in the suit stands before declining price stock market crash on the stock market

e-commerce actors, digitizers, telemedicine specialists: We could continue the enumeration. We are always inclined to say that it is a chance. Even today, I will not take off from this credo. However, it is not an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And that's exactly what makes him normal. And maybe your actions be returned to normal.

Facebook: deletion of more than 500 accounts related to a Chinese disinformation network

 Facebook: deletion of more than 500 accounts related to a Chinese disinformation network meta qualified this network of Chinese disinformation of "sprawling and unsuccessful" © Geeko Facebook dismantles a Chinese network of dialine information - meta qualified this Chinese disinformation network of "sprawling and unsuccessful" Five hundred Facebook accounts that promoted false affirmations that the United States was based in efforts to find the origins of the Covid-19 , were removed .

Tech Crash: No Once-in-A-Lifetime Chance

The Tech Crash is a chance to get many shares with a favorable discount. However, he is none that occurs only once in life. Alone the look back reveals very clearly that we have to expect such volatility more frequently in the segment of growth and tech shares. Whether we look business-oriented or even the wide markets are visible.

If we look at the Amazon share as an example of the outstanding e-commerce success of the past few years, so it has also given thirst trails . The stock market portal Boerse.de made in 1999, for example, a high of over 106 euros. In the low of 2001, the Share certificates noted only at 6.40 euros. A minus of 94%, which shows: Volatility is one of the success stories. Also many tech crash. We can also see similar at netflix , where the stock in the high of 2011 at 30.37 euros recorded and only a stock market year later in deep at 6.00 euros. This also corresponded to sales of 80%. For outstanding returns, we must therefore bear this volatility as Foolishe investors.

United States: The "Cream Cheese" sector Victim of a cyberattacle

 United States: The The company Schreiber Foods had to close its doors for several days in October, resulting in a shortage of fresh cheese © Pixabay / Congerdesign a share of Cheesecake (Illustration).

Nevertheless, that also shows: Such a tech crash is not an once-in-a-lifetime chance. Also overlooking the Nasdaq 100 we set such corrections and crashes over time. During the Dotcom bubble, the index lost over 75% of its value. In the corona crash about 40%. Volatile phases, tech and growth shares and outstanding returns therefore include what opportunities creates. But also such a psychological challenge.

no way of life, but repetitive possibilities

that the tech crash is not an once-in-a-lifetime chance, you should look at yourself from many perspectives. We recognize that trend-strong growth shares, even the successful examples, also possess similar schemas. Anyone who has invested back then can often enjoy a particularly strong return. Of course, this does not apply in all cases, but probably in some where investment thesis and business-oriented quality are still true.

Flow La Movie: music producer and his family die at plane crash

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In addition, you do not have to take this tech crash with too much emphasis. And in other words, if you do not have the courage that this time, there could be more opportunities. And maybe it could take years until it comes to a correction or a crash.

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