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04:16  24 december  2021
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Michael Wendler: Now there is family-zoff for the grave plate of his mother

 Michael Wendler: Now there is family-zoff for the grave plate of his mother In February, Michael Wendler's mother Christine Tiggemann had died at a heart attack at the age of 73 years. The former hit singer posted then farewell words on his telegram channel, which otherwise only find anti-Semitic conspiracy ideas for coronavirus or advertising for products from the shop of the right KOPP publishing house. But then did not seem much much, as Michael Wendler's sister Bettina now penetrated. The grave of Christine Tiggemann is still waiting for a tombstone.

is a frequent affair is the tax return. For whom a tax advisor is really worthwhile.

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to create a tax return, is often an annoying matter. Until all the documents have been collected, it takes. Often one is uncertain whether you have made all the information, or not a little more back. Up to what degree can one make his tax return alone and for whom pays a tax advisor?

On average, there are 1,000 euros back

In principle, not everyone has to make a tax return at the end of the year. However, in most cases it is worth taking them voluntarily. Because the state does not call a tax return, if it assumes that the private individual needs to be reimbursed. Incidentally, workers get back to the 1,000 euros when they make their tax return. The tax return is always worthwhile. But not everyone needs the help of a tax adviser.

Baumann: After Corona again full house in Hoffenheim

 Baumann: After Corona again full house in Hoffenheim goalkeeper Oliver Baumann believes after the end of the Corona restrictions back to a full stadium at home games of the TSG Hoffenheim. "The TSG continues to be an exciting club, we play well, and we have a team for which it is absolutely worthwhile to go to the stadium. Without Corona, we will soon have full hut again, "said the 31-year-old of the" Sport Image "(Wednesday). © Tom Weller / DPA / archive image Hoffenheim's goalkeeper Oliver Baumann.

Who is unsafe when filling out the forms, can first use tax software, which is available from some euro. This is done cheaper than with a tax advisor and is still at least partially supported. Do the tax return itself, then makes sense if the private situation is little complex.

is there only one kind of revenue, no extraordinary family circumstances such as a nursing case or a divorce and no extraordinary deduction options that go beyond common lump sums and allowances, then the tax return should be best done. Because: Even a tax adviser has hardly designed in such a little complex cases and can no longer achieve more than one.

real estate owners and shareholders

In return, a tax advisor in private individuals, for example, make sense if you are about several types of income - such as normal salary Plus capital gains and money from rentals - has. Even those who do not want to sell that are not common, such as weekend homes or expensive training, is often well advised with a tax consultant.

Preserving the Agreement on Iranian nuclear power is a necessity

 Preserving the Agreement on Iranian nuclear power is a necessity Everything must be tempted to escape the alternative between a military outbreak, that the 2015 Agreement had made it possible to avoid, and a renegotiation has minima which would only save appearances. Editorial of the "World". Every day that goes to Vienna provides its supplement of pessimism about negotiations committed to save a crucial agreement to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

, however, remains to note that of course, a tax advisor does not make his work for nothing. Normally, a tax adviser initially offers its customers an expense assessment, depending on how much time he believes he needs for the tax return. For private individuals, the corridor to the tax consultant can cost 500 euros - but also in the four-digit area. A tax adviser is only worthwhile, although it is expected to be able to settle a certain sum with his help.

Often it is also worthwhile to obtain several offers from tax advisers before deciding on for one. The tax consulting costs can also be deducted from the tax next year.

What about entrepreneurs and self-employed?

For companies, it is often recommended to visit a tax advisor to the tax. Especially from a certain corporate size and some employees, he can help to keep track. Who employs a separate accounting, does not necessarily need a tax advisor. Nevertheless, it may be useful to hire it for the annual accounts to check the booking operations of last year.

small business owners, ie independent, who have a low annual turnover of less than 17,500 euros, normally do not need a tax advisor. Although you have to submit a tax return, however, an intake surplus account is sufficient, which is easy to do or with software support. REDACTION FINANCEN.net

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