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12:50  24 december  2021
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 The longest route in the world you can travel by train 18.755 kilometers in 21 days with some intercom: the longest route, which can be covered worldwide by train, probably only something for absolute train fans, people with fare or Climate-widest individual tourists. A lot of time in the luggage should have travelers in any case.

  JO de Pékin : le Japon n’enverra pas de responsables ministériels © Philip Fong / AFP

L E Japan will not send ministerial managers at the Olympic Winter Games in February in Beijing, announced Friday 24 December The Nippon Government, after diplomatic boycotts decided by several Western countries, including the United States , in liaison with human rights in China . The Japanese government spokesman, Hirokazu Matsuno, avoided the boycott's decision, but said Japan "does not plan to send government officials to the winter Olympics in China.

"Japan believes that it is important that the common values ​​shared by the international community, such as freedom, human rights and the rule of law, are also respected in China," he has affirmed. The Chairman of the Tokyo Olympics Committee 2020, Seiko Hashimoto, will arrange on the other hand, as well as the President of the Japanese Olympic Committee Yasuliro Yamashita, said the spokesman for the Nippon Government.

France: "General mobilization for justice" to the call of 17 organizations

 France: © (Photo: Bertrand Guay / RFI) Seventeen Professional and Trade Union Organizations of Justice call for mobilization on Wednesday, December 15 (Photo: Demonstration of lawyers at the Paris Palace of Paris in January 2009). In France, this Wednesday, December 15, magistrates, clerks and lawyers mobilize. Gatherings are planned before the courts to claim the means of justice. A justice that is hurting according to the organizers of this day.

Seiko Hashimoto will go to Beijing "to express gratitude and respect to athletes and other people who have supported the Tokyo Games" organized last summer, he added. Japan made this decision after "a thorough examination" of the question. She intervened after the United States, the United Kingdom , Australia and Canada announced this month a diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Games (4-20 February 2022) To denounce human rights abuses in China.

to read also China's winning (almost) winning strategy to China's reprints against the contesting countries on its side, China has warned these four Western countries, which will send athletes to the Games but not officials. officials, that they would pay "the price of their bad shot", without specifying what retaliation were envisaged. On Friday, the spokesman in Tokyo pointed out that "the Japanese government did not think use of a particular expression concerning the presence of Japan" at the winter Olympics in China. And he noted that the announcement of the US government does not understand the term "diplomatic boycott".

Football: Fans Send Palmeiras President Leila Pereira Money for new striker

 Football: Fans Send Palmeiras President Leila Pereira Money for new striker Suddenly there were hundreds of transfers on the private account of Leila Pereira. Fans had the new boss of the football club Palmeiras to send the money - with clear intended use. © Leco Viana / TheNews2 / Imago It was her first press conference as a new president of the Brazilian football club Palmeiras, and this had to use Leila Pereira right for an unusual call: fans of the club are supposed to transfer no more money to their private account, said Pereira on Thursday.

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and if China remained closed for always Japan, host of Tokyo 2020 games reported from one year because of the coronavirus, is in a delicate diplomatic position between the United States and China, two Educational business partners, and had not previously known his position. South Korea, another ally of the United States, has announced in early week that it does not diplomatically do the Games, invoking the need to continue to cooperate with China.

Russia considers that the "diplomatic boycott" as an attempt to politicize the Olympics and confirmed that President Vladimir Putin would go to Beijing Winter Olympics. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) relied on its "neutrality" on the issue, refusing to comment on "purely political decisions" and especially the absence of sports boycott.

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Why the games are eternal The United States denounces "a genocide" against hears according to human rights organizations, at least one million Ouvours and other Turkish minorities, Mainly Muslim, are incarcerated in camps in Xinjiang. China is accused of sterilizing women and to impose forced labor. The United States denounce "genocide" on this subject. Beijing claims that camps are actually "vocational training centers" to combat radicalization.

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The Taboo of "Terrorists" Ouïgours China regularly accuses the United States to use the issue of human rights to annoy its economic development and challenge the growing place it occupies in international affairs. . Beijing also lasted the G7 and the European Union who reported on Monday of their "lively worry" after "the erosion" of democracy found in Hong Kong last weekend in local parliamentary elections.

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