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22:35  26 december  2021
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What Corona High-Risk Regions Legally Means For Travelers

 What Corona High-Risk Regions Legally Means For Travelers The number of corona high-risk areas in Europe has grown further - and after last of Switzerland and Poland, some popular tour rails are again affected. From December 19, France, Denmark and Norway are now on the list of high-risk areas. This has legal consequences for holidaymakers who want to spend Christmas or New Year for example.

Des protestataires brandissent une banderole sur laquelle il est écrit © Ander Gillenea protesters brandish a banner on which it is written "Do not touch children" during a demonstration against the vaccination of children in the city of San Sebastian In Spain on December 26, 2021

New measures, new balance sheets and highlights: one point on the latest developments in the Pandemic of Covid-19 in the world.

- USA: Shortage of screening tests -

The shortage of CVIV-19 screening tests observed in the United States will soon be resolved, assured Dr. Anthony Fauci Sunday, the main adviser to the White House in the fight against The pandemic, at the moment when the country observes a case outbreak due to the Omicron variant.

with Omicron, New York fears to relive the nightmare of 2020

 with Omicron, New York fears to relive the nightmare of 2020 © AFP L ES Restaurants of Brooklyn close one after the other due to a soaring contamination, the queues to be tested. Length: New York fears to relive the 2020 nightmare, when the city was the world epicenter of the CVIV-19 epidemic. Saturday night, the state of New York, the fourth most populous in the country with some 20 million inhabitants, announced for the second consecutive day a record of positive cases in the coronavirus, with nearly 22,000 contaminations.

"One of the problems currently is that (tests) will not be fully available for each before January," the epidemiologist said on the occasion of the end-of-year holidays with the United States have experienced a real rush on the tests, especially on kits to test each other at home.

Une personne tient sa carte de vaccination après avoir reçu une dose de vaccin anti-Covide dans un centre situé dans un club de golf au nord-ouest de Londres le 26 décembre 2021 © Niklas Halle'n A person holds his vaccination card after receiving a dose of anti-covide vaccine in a center located in a golf club in northwestern London on December 26, 2021

- The Cultural World Manifestly Belgium -

Thousands of people, 5,000 according to the police, demonstrated Sunday in Brussels to protest the closure of the entertainment rooms imposed by the authorities to stem the propagation of the Omicron Variant, found Journalists from AFP.

Coronavirus: Italy reflects on new measures because of Omicron, announces the

 Coronavirus: Italy reflects on new measures because of Omicron, announces the Sant Coronavirus-Italy: Coronavirus: Italy reflects on new measures because of Omicron, announces the press © Reuters / Flavio Lo Scalzo Coronavirus: Italy reflects on new measures because of Omicron, announces the Rome (Reuters) announces - the Italian government plans to take new measures to avoid rising cases of contamination to Visc- 19, reports Sunday the Italian press, while the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus worries.

Perched on a forum, leaders of major Brussels cultural institutions, such as the royal Flemish theater (KVS) and the opera of the currency, called on policies to "reconsider" the decision to close the rooms from Sunday, then that the last wave of the pandemic continues to refluer in Belgium.

Bilan mondial de la pandémie de nouveau coronavirus, au 26 décembre à 11h00 GMT © Frédéric Bourgeais Global assessment of the new coronavirus pandemic, December 26 at 11:00 GMT

- China: The city of Xi'an still hardens restrictions -

the Chinese city of Xi'an, where 13 million inhabitants Confined, announced Sunday a "total" disinfection and hardened restrictions, at the time of China recorded a record number of contaminations to COVID-19 for 21 months.

The Asian country has been applying a "zero covid" strategy, which is to do everything possible to limit the occurrence of new cases. The authorities redouble with vigilance to avoid any major focus before Beijing Winter Olympics (4-20 February).

live Covid-19: In Paris, the restaurants threatened by the absence of tourists

 live Covid-19: In Paris, the restaurants threatened by the absence of tourists © a jarry-triplon / onlyfrance.f picture of illustration, in Montmartre, on December 2nd. In summary: - The number of contaminations reaches a record in France. More than 90,000 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded Thursday over the last twenty-four hours, a level never reached since the beginning of the pandemic. - In Europe, Restrictions are multiplying : the show rooms close from Sunday in Belgium while the outdoor mask is back in Spain and Italy.

- Open from Australia, Foot, Rugby: COVID-19 disrupts the game -

The Canadian Denis Shapovalov, 14th at the ATP ranking, has been tested positive at CVIV-19 after arriving in Sydney, did he announce Sunday, highlighting the threat of the virus that weighs on the Open of Australia (17-30 January).

In England, the French football coach of Crystal Palace, Patrick Vieira, was also tested positive, announced the Eagles. Thirteen matches, three of which of the 19th day, were postponed for sanitary reasons in England in recent weeks.

in rugby, a fourth game of the championship of France which had to oppose the Toulouse stadium at the French stadium on Sunday on the occasion of the 13th day, was also postponed.

- More than 5.39 million deaths worldwide -

The Pandemic of Covid-19 did more than 5,395,400 dead, according to a balance sheet established by the AFP from official sources on Sunday at 17:00 GMT.

in absolute value, the United States is the most affected country with 816,533 deaths, followed by India (479,682), Russia (304,218) and Mexico (298,759). Among the hardest affected countries, Peru is the one who deplores the largest number of deaths in relation to his population.

The Europe Region is the one currently recorded as much death in the world with 53% of the world total over the last seven days, followed by the USA / Canada zone (22%).

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, taking into account the overmortality directly and indirectly related to COVID-19, that the pandemic assessment could be two to three times higher than that officially identified.


Madagascar: Covid-19 treatment centers reopen in the .
capital treatment centers have closed it six months ago, at the end of the second wave. But faced with the increase in cases in recent weeks and preventing a resurgence of Covid-19 after the holidays of the year, the authorities decided to reopen two centers accommodating about 400 patients. Centers for support of moderate coronavirus. Severe cases are treated in hospitals, according to the Ministry of Health.

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