US News anti-Semitism: Officer from Baden-Württemberg on the list of Wiesenthal Center

01:32  29 december  2021
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Less data theft at the ATM:

 Less data theft at the ATM: Fewer cases, less damage: The data theft at ATMs in Germany is increasingly becoming obsolete. © Fernando Gutierrez-Juarez / dpa Nationwide were manipulated in November this year from January 116 times ATMs to spy to map data and identification number (PIN) of bank customers.

The anti-Semitism representative of Baden-Württemberg is to fight Jewenhass. Now he finds himself again on an anti-Semite list of the Wiesenthal Center. But: The Jewish communities are behind him.

  Antisemitismus: Beauftragter aus Baden-Württemberg auf Liste von Wiesenthal-Zentrum © Bernd Weissbrod / DPA

The Wiesenthal Center based in Los Angeles leads on its worldwide »anti-Semite list« 2021 the anti-Semitism representative of the country Baden-Württemberg , Michael Flower. Since 2019, flower has liked Anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli and conspiratory TwitterAccounts and continues to contribute to contributions in the establishment of the presented ten worldwide serious anti-Semitic incidents. In addition, flower has liked a Facebook post that has compared Zionists with Nazis.

Sudan: Thousands of anti-putsch protesters repulsed with tear gas at the edge of the presidential palace

 Sudan: Thousands of anti-putsch protesters repulsed with tear gas at the edge of the presidential palace The event takes place in Khartoum, the capital. Fearing a new unleashing of violence, the pro-democracy doctors union said "ask the world to watch what will happen". © supplied by FranceInfo violence broke out in Khartoum, while the authorities had blocked the telecommunications just before a magnitude of magnitude against the military power . Sudanese security forces shoot tear grenades to repel thousands of opponents approaching on Saturday, December 25, presidential palace.

Which posts and which accounts were accurately traded, the organization did not write. Flower did not want to comment on demand. However,

clear support he got from the Israelite religious communities (IRG) of his state. "The Jewish communities in the state of Baden-Württemberg perishingly condemn the attempt to denigrate the anti-Semitism representative," it said in a common press release. »Setting a bridge builder between Baden-Württemberg and Israel to a common list of enemies of Israel is monstrous."

Video: Nationwide protests against Corona measures (Reuters)

»We know Dr. Michael Flower for almost two decades as an exceptionally dedicated and extremely competent fighters against anti-Semitism of any form, as a friend of the Jewish community, "said Prof. Barbara Traub, Chief Expervisor of the IRG Württembergs. "It would be honest if the Simon Wiesenthal Center (...) in its estimates to those who praise anti-Semitism, in advance of the contact with the Jewish communities and their democratically elected representatives."

government shifts target from 80 percent first gums to the end of January

 government shifts target from 80 percent first gums to the end of January Berlin. The Federal Government shifts her goal that, until January 7, 80 percent of the population was at least once vaccinated. Now the target should be achieved as far as possible until the end of January. © Sebastian Willnow PassersPents go to Christmas Eve in the Paunsdorf Center Shopping Center past an open vaccine mall. The Federal Government shifts her goal to reach a quota of 80 percent in the investments.

gave to the list It's already criticized in the past. In 2019, the German UN Ambassador Christoph Heusgen was mentioned on the list. The Israeli ambassador to Germany , Jeremy Issacharoff, then took the diplomats in protection and said: such "really completely inappropriate" allegations would only complicate the discussion.

Also German wave listed

flower is listed on the list below the point seven »Germany«. There are also employees of the German wave called. The Wiesenthal Center refers to the reporting of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" , according to the members of the Arab Service of the German Wave of Anti-Jewish and Holocaust-Homing Comments.

In place one of the list is Israel's Erzfeind Iran , in third place the BBC and the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1977, headquartered in Los Angeles, headquartered in Los Angeles, the worldwide search for submerged Nazi criminals has become known. But it also efforts to promote tolerance and struggles against racism, anti-Semitism, terrorism and genocide. Named is the center according to the Austrian Simon Wiesenthal, self former KZ detainee. Wiesenthal provided, among other things, for the arrest of Adolf Eichmann .

Tribute to the victims of "Charlie Hebdo" and the hyper hide, seven years after .
© Christophe Archambault / Pool / AFP The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin and the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo rendered Friday a sober tribute To the victims of Jihadist attacks against the weekly "Charlie Hebdo" and the Hyper Hide store in Paris, seven years after the attacks. The same ceremony was repeated three times, like every year.

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