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17:10  29 december  2021
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 USA: Rapper Drakeo The Rullar stabbed to death at an Darrell Caldwell festival of its real name had to occur in concert in Los Angeles with other hip-hop stars, like Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and 50 hundred. He was 28 years old. © Provided by FranceInfo The American rapper Drakeo The Ruler is dead, Sunday, December 20, after being stabbed behind the scenes of an festival in Los Angeles . His death was confirmed at AFP by his agent Scott Jawson.

La photographe franco-suisse Sabine Weiss, en juillet 2020. © AFP / Loïc Venance the French photographer Sabine Weiss, in July 2020.

Sabine Weiss liked to capture the "morpieux", the "beggars" and the "small Narquois "crossed in the street. This Franco-Swiss photographer, mischievous and rigorous, also known for his fashion photos published in Vogue was the last disciple of the French Humanist School.

like Robert Doisneau, Boubat, Willy Ronis or Izis, Sabine Weiss, Deceased on Tuesday at 97, immortalized the simple life of people, without claiming any influence. "I never thought about doing humanistic photo. A good picture must touch, be well composed and stripped. The sensitivity of people must jump to the eyes, "she said in the cross.

Death of Pierre CASSIGNARD: CultureBox upsets its programming to pay tribute to actor

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objective of the post-war photo, this outstanding technician, the eclectic course, in color as in black and white, was born in Switzerland before being French naturalized in 1995. Discreet personality and less known to the general public than other photographers of his time, this sparkling woman of 1m 55 who had suffered from any segregation as a woman, wanted to establish "a constant dialogue" with his subject, considering photography as "a friendship".

"I'm ever waiting"

post-war Paris has launched his career. There, around the 1950s, it surpants, often at night, the capital with her husband, the American painter Hugh Weiss (the couple will adopt a girl) to freeze fugitive moments: workers in action, furtive kisses, alleys and come in the Metro mouths. "The capital, at the time, bathed at night, in beautiful fogs." On these clichés, the children are very present, like this small Egyptian radiant immortalized to the disk.

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"It's a challenge, you have to go quickly and I'm ever waiting for! " In what she named "my pictures of morveux", she hangs the smiles, games or crooked jogs with torn clothes. "It's fun to play with street children," she said, with the desire for being the witness of his time and denouncing injustices.

born Weber on July 23, 1924 in Saint-Gingolph by Lake Geneva, Sabine Weiss acquires 12 years his first device with his pocket money. Not school, she learns at 16 years the job in a famous Geneva studio.

Arrival in Paris in 1946, she works for the Willy Maywald fashion photographer. The year of his marriage, in 1950, she opened her studio in the 16th arrondissement while doneau introduces him to Vogue and within the Rapho agency (became gamma-rapho). It frequents artistic circles, made portraits of Stravinski, Britten, Dubuffet, light or giacometti. She will work, and succeed, in several registers: report (she travels a lot), advertising, fashion, show, architecture.

"I do not know how much I made photos"

preferring in all things to sobriece to "very bright things", it responds to the orders of the great magazines: Newsweek, Time, Life, Esquire, Paris-Match ...

prolific And generous, Sabine Weiss lagged in 2017 200,000 negatives and 7,000 contact planks at the Elysee Museum in Lausanne. "I do not know how much I did pictures," she said to the AFP in 2014, anyway, that does not mean much ". Photograph's Women in Motion in 2020 winner, Sabine Weiss has been the subject of some 160 exhibitions around the world.

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