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12:35  03 january  2022
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  Hong Kong: le Conseil législatif © AFP

The new members of the Hong Kong legislative board reserved for "patriots" lent Monday a sword of loyalty on the first day of session after their designation Framed by new rules to prevent the presence of any traditional pro-democracy opposition

The 90 legislators participated in a ceremony responsible for symbols reflecting the new political reality of the city, with replacement in the hemicycle of the emblem of The region by that of the People's Republic of

China .

Oath benefits were supervised by the local executive, Carrie Lam, whose government no longer has to respond to an opposition in a once turbulent assembly and now composed, for the next four years, only loyalists.

Defending a freedom to inform besieged

 Defending a freedom to inform besieged The international organizations for the defense of the freedom of the press larger a very dark balance of the year 2021. The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Two Journalists, the Philippino-American Maria Russian and Russian Dmitry Mouratov, is a major warning sent to the leaders who trample the right to inform. Editorial of the "World". At the time of the balance sheets, the one on the situation of the press in the world does not encourage optimism.

China has remodeled Hong Kong to its own image, authoritarian, after the huge and sometimes violent protests pro-democracy of 2019.

A law on national security criminalise since 2020 any act considered as dissident and new laws have been adopted for Purge the administrations and institutions of elements perceived as "non-patriotic".

During the December vote, only 20 of the 90 members of the Legislative Council (LEGCO) were elected by direct universal suffrage, the other 70 being appointed by Loyal Committees in Beijing.

The authorities welcomed the result, a legislative body composed of patriots and free from any "anti-China" element.

Only one legislator identified as not affiliated with Establishment has managed to avoid the vets and to be elected.

Hong Kong. Two "Stand News" journalists charged with "sedition"

 Hong Kong. Two © Daniel Suen / AFP The arrest of Patrick Lam, head editor News, December 29 in Hong Kong. After the police operation launched on December 29 against the "Stand News" pro-democracy information site, the Hong Kong police charged with the editor-in-chief Patrick Lam and his predecessor Chung Pui-Kuen of "sedition".

But Tik Chi-Yuen does not belong to the traditional pro-democracy block.

Most of Hong Kong's pro-democracy figures are in prison, exile or have left politics since the beginning of Beijing's repression.

The Monday ceremony took place without incident, strongly contrasting with that of 2016 when six elected pro-democracy had used the oath delivery to shine slogans and deploy banners, before being dismissed.

China boasts Hong Kong's new political system as a way to find stability and ensures that pluralism is always tolerated.

The contestors, including many Western countries, reproach Beijing from having flouted his promise to maintain the freedom and autonomy of Hong Kong for 50 years after his retrocession by the

Great Britain in 1997.

Starry Lee, Legislator and cheft of the main pro-Beijing party of the region, the DAB, thanked China for "brought back Hong Kong on the right path and reported stability in the legislature".

"I am enthusiastic because Hong Kong came into a new era where we can be rid of political disputes and give us a hand to improve governance," she welcomed the journalists.

Last week, 89 of the 90 legislators published a common statement to support the National Security Police Raid in the drafting of a pro-democracy information site, stand News, and the arrest of several his leaders.

Mr. Tik is the only one who has not signed the text.

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