US News Why Masks FFP2 "Duck Beak" could be a late success in France

13:40  04 january  2022
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COVID-19. The Omicron Omicron now majority in France, with more than 60% of the tests riddled

 COVID-19. The Omicron Omicron now majority in France, with more than 60% of the tests riddled © David Ademas / West-France 60% of the tests riddled in France have a profile compatible with OICKON. Here a queue in a pharmacy in Rennes during the end of year holidays. Two-thirds of the tests screened in France last week have a profile compatible with the Omicron variant, which as expected, is now majority in the country.

La plupart des masques FFP2 sont importés. © Andreas Gebert Archives, Reuters Most FFP2 masks are imported.

This type of mask, more efficient, is mandatory in several European countries. In France, the demand progresses and the French sector is ready to answer it. She "is able to produce 20 million masks a week."

Political and scientific figures claim generalization of the FFP2 mask port, proven as more efficient. The French sector is capable of producing 20 million masks per week. "

What is a FFP2 mask?

The FFP2 mask is a filter mask. It is composed of a facial room and a filtration device and forms a kind of duck spout ". Its protection duration is up to eight hours against four hours for a surgical mask. He must respond to the European Standard EN149. Several studies demonstrate that it protects from internal and external projections. Today, a French FFP2 mask costs 35 cents against 6 cents for a surgical mask, "explains Christian Curel, president of the union of French masks manufacturers.

Health Minister Lauderbach warns of Omikron wave: "In very, very in concern for the unvaccinated«

 Health Minister Lauderbach warns of Omikron wave: Omikron spreads rapidly quickly - but the train for uncovered was not left, says Health Minister Lauterbach. Even a first vaccination significantly reduce the risks of infection. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA The RKI is currently reporting a slow increase in new infections, but the experts are largely agreed that the infection events can dramatically change when the infectious omikron variant of the Coronavirus prevails. Currently, number of infections with the mutant doubles about every four days.

In which countries is it mandatory?

In Austria, it is imposed in closed places and in public transport, for a year. Since December 25, the FFP2 mask is mandatory in Italy in all public transport, cinemas, theaters, museums and stages. It is also in Bavaria in Germany, in public transport and businesses as well as in Greece.

What about France?

While the Scientific Council recommended it for vulnerable and non-vaccinated persons ", in its latest opinion on 8 December, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, spreads, for the time being, the hypothesis of A generalization of the FFP2 mask port.

Does France produce FFP2 masks?

yes. Since the beginning of the pandemic, a French sector has gradually constituted . The country has about twenty FFP2 masks producers. Faced with Chinese competition, domestic production decreased by 90% compared to the end of 2020. There was strong demand in January 2020, but two months later, it fell sharply. In recent weeks with the arrival of the Omicron Variant, orders are multiplying, "says Christian Curel.

Feminicide of Mérignac. Six police officers appear in Disciplinary Board

 Feminicide of Mérignac. Six police officers appear in Disciplinary Board © Caroline Blumberg / EPA Flowers and candles near the House of Chahinez Daoud, in Mérignac, near Bordeaux, May 5, 2021. Six police officers are summoned before a disciplinary council Tuesday, January 4, 2022. They will have to respond to administrative breaches that resulted in the murder of Chahinez Daoud, burned by his ex-husband in the middle of the street, May 4, 2021 in Mérignac (Gironde).

What is the difference between a Chinese and French FFP2 mask?

In April, Canada had removed from the masks market made in China. Last Tuesday, the Sanitary Safety Agency published an opinion in which it recommends avoiding FFP2 masks containing graphene, a toxic product present in the Chinese masks. They are not tested before their entry into the European market. In France, we have regular checks. The whole production chain is 100% French, the carbon footprint is diminished by 20% and jobs are created, "says Christian Curel.

Can the French sector respond to a strong demand?

We are not in full capacity, but there is no problem to meet the demand. We can mount our abilities, but the French demand must follow. Countries like Italy, Belgium, we move orders. At the base, the sector was destined first to France, "details Christian Curel. A few days ago, a government issued by the government encourages hospitals to purchase protection equipment manufactured in France, in the event of a new global pandemic.

The huge amount that will invest Ferrero France to produce more than Nutella and Kinder Bueno .
© Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images The huge amount that will invest Ferrero France to produce more than Nutella and Kinder Bueno the group will increase the production capacities of its Norman site of Villers-Lecalles to continue to grow in the hex. This is a good news for the commune of Villers-Ecalles, in Normandy. According to Le Figaro , Wednesday, January 12, Ferrero France will indeed invest 36 million euros on the site over the next 18 months.

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