US News "I saw the death": Philippe Katerine evokes the Opening Heart operation that he suffered at 8 years in aparté (VIDEO)

03:15  05 january  2022
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Somalia: President Farmajo "suspends" the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble of his duties

 Somalia: President Farmajo © Riccardo Savi / Getty Images North America / AFP The President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, Alias ​​Farmajo, here in New York, 23 September 2019. In Somalia, the head of state Mohamed Abdullahi, says Farmajo, announced in a statement on the night of Sunday 26 to Monday, December 27 "Suspend" his Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble of his duties "Following allegations of corruption ".

Babylon 5 (1993–1998), created by J. Michael Straczynski, is a science fiction television epic about Babylon 5, an Earth-governed space station built to promote harmony between interstellar civilizations. It is unusual in its focus on a story arc which dominates the events through its five- year run.

Death is the ultimate choice he told not to bargain. I wished to live further and beyond. But I have suffered enough due to my bond. He promised me of happiness beyond my imagination. So I started to believe death is my only destination. As I see my feelings crumbling by. Only feel left was to join the sky. Thus was relieved of the worldly pleasure. So became the happiest as death came closer. I have no fear of anything you wonder how. This is my destiny let’s follow the path now. There I walk along with the death . New world for me begins with every ending breath.

“J’ai vu la mort” : Philippe Katerine évoque l’opération à coeur ouvert qu’il a subie à 8 ans dans En aparté (VIDEO) © Capture Canal + "I saw death": Philippe Katerine evokes the open-heart operation he has suffered 8 years in aparté (VIDEO) guest from on a couplet on Canal + on Tuesday, January 4th, Philippe Katerine spoke of the operation with open heart he has undergone child and who earned him death.

Philippe Katerine is a particularly eccentric actor and singer. The one who received an Caesar for his role in the large bath is currently on the test alongside Alexandra Lam Y . He will also be at the Olympia on March 27th. On Tuesday, January 4th, he was the guest of Nathalie Levy in on a separate on Canal + to evoke these news. She interviewed him about the operation he suffered when he was only a child. An intervention he had already mentioned in CLICK . "I had a hole in the heart, wholesale like a piece of 5 francs" , had he explained in 2019. "I was clogged with a pig skin, which is the most compatible skin with The human body, as we know. "

Speech on the state of the nation in Benin: Patrice Talon evokes Covid-19 and terrorism

 Speech on the state of the nation in Benin: Patrice Talon evokes Covid-19 and terrorism © SIA Kambou / AFP The President of Benin, Patrice Talon. In its very first speech on the state of the nation before the members since its contested re-election of April 2021, the Beninese President referred to the health crisis related to COVID-19 and especially the attacks that occurred in recent weeks in the North- West of the country. with our correspondent in Cotonou, Jean-Luc ApLogan Exercise is a constitutional obligation.

And I saw the death in him . Y vi la muerte en él. I was actually, on Friday, sitting in front of my computer, and I saw the death rate fall from 128 to 84 just that morning. Estaba el viernes sentado frente a la computadora y vi caer la tasa de mortalidad de 128 a 84, en una mañana.

The devices I saw during my tours were largely hidden in the ground or deployed as massive car I have received dozens of e-mails stating that Putin got what he deserved and decrying what the I saw grandmother seldom. She worked unweariedly to feed grandfather, who was suffering from the

"You have experienced a pretty edifying episode during your early years. You should have died. You were operated with open heart and It was almost experimental. You had 8 years ", recalled the journalist. If the singer started in a joke on this situation, dissegrating his interlocutor, he then became more serious. " it was in 76. It was a still a little experimental operation. So there was a risk of course of death. I saw death at some point. I opened the door. I Given death. And then it closed pretty quickly, " remembered. He then told what he had seen when he grabbed death during his three days of resuscitation. "I can assure you that what I saw was adorable. It was very, very cute, what I saw." An affirmation that intrigued Nathalie Lévy. "Are you serious there?" , did she relaunched it. This vision haunts him since then and he draws her. "It's very colorful. It's soft. It smells good. And above all, there is no gravity. No need to eat, everything is easy and particularly comfortable", has he tried Describe his curious impressions.

"My heart stopped 17 minutes" Nathalie Levy wanted to know if it was this experience that Philippe Katerine kept some detachment. The singer took the opportunity to make troubling confidences.

"It's true that my heart stopped 17 minutes. It's true that when I'm late to an appointment, I look at my watch and most of the time it's 17 minutes. What recoil is being late? often I react slowly. I often 17 minutes late in my head too ", has concluded with poetry.


on a separate , to find in full on the MyCanal application."

Death of Bob Saget: One month before his death, the actor of the party at home confessed on the disappearance of his sister .
© Richard Shotwell / AP / SIPA Death of Bob Saget: a month before his death, The actor of the party at home confessed with the disappearance of his sister the images of the last interview that Bob Saget granted before his death were unveiled. The actor evokes the death of his sister in 1994 of scleroderma, between emotion and humor. At the beginning of the week, the death of the American actor Bob Saget was learned.

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