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06:53  05 january  2022
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Deutsche Post DHL has adopted from the production of electric vehicles. The Bonn Group announced on Tuesday that he sold production rights for the Streetscooter to the Luxembourg corporate consortium Odin Automotive.

Die Deutsche Post hat einen Käufer für die Streetscooter-Produktion gefunden. © Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert / DPA Central Image / DPA Deutsche Post has found a buyer for Streetscooter production.

The buyer will continue to build the streamers. Information on the purchase price was not made. The Streetscooter subsidiaries in Japan and Switzerland also change the owner.

A Streetscooter daughter with 300 employees stays the yellow giant but preserved. The Aachen Streetscooter GmbH should still act as a supplier to Odin - for example, for vehicle parts and batteries that are still in stock anyway. In addition, the Post subsidiary continues to do the maintenance and maintenance of the Group's own electric transporter fleet.

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fleet is to grow

Currently, the post office in Germany has in use around 17,000 Streetcooters, the electric fleet should be expanded to 21,500 - the necessary production should now take over Odin. At the Luxembourg company, the Post will receive a share of ten percent.

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The Bonn Group bought the startup streetcooter founded by Aachener professors in 2014 and first dips the car industry with the yellow electricity from self-production. According to the post's post, she had been forced to take the note of action in the absence of a suitable electrical offer on the transporter market.

The initial PR coup developed into an expensive thing. Although the stromasors contributed to the fact that the CO2 balance of the logistics giant could be significantly improved. But there was hardly any significant sales success on external customers. In 2019, the mail announced the sale of 500 Streetscooters to a Japanese logistics company, but that remained the only major order. The vast majority of Streetscooters stayed in their own ranks. Change in the management, expansion plans in China and the US crushed.

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Odin has plans

a few years after the purchase, the post was open to a streetscooter sales. But it just did not want to find a buyer. Nearly two years ago, Group Chef Appel announced the setting of production - the inventories should still be processed, then should be concluded. The yellow giant wanted to focus on his core competence - the logistics -. The new course led to a thick Streetscooter Special Description in the financial year over 318 million euros. Finally, the Post finally finishes its prestigious but costly excursion to the industry's industry.

The buyer in turn is still a lot: in a message of ODIN it says, Streetscooter is the first takeover «in a series of transactions to be completed in the course of the coming year." You want to "become a new global market leader in manufacturing and distribution of electrical, light commercial vehicles. At the top of Odin, the manager Stefan Krause, which formerly was a Financial Chief at BMW and the Deutsche Bank. He described the Streetscooter acquisition as a "big milestone" for Odin Automotive.

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