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11:47  05 january  2022
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self-love and self-confidence: So you accept yourself

 self-love and self-confidence: So you accept yourself If you are with yourself at peace, then life becomes easier. You look at other people more attractive, can intensive bonds to build and easier to accept the love of others and give back. © valentinrussanov / getty images self-love learning But self-love is anything but simple. Only if you really are dealing with yourself - your desires, your strengths and your weaknesses - you can learn to accept this and begin to accept yourself. The good thing is that you can learn self-love.

Individuals will have to redouble with vigilance by writing their ad. Indeed, even if the announcement has not made a great noise, since January 1, if it is not mentioned the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) on a real estate ad, it may cost until at 3,000 euros fine to stunned. This administrative penalty is also included in the Climate Law and Resilience , which entered into force on 25 August with the aim of putting an end to the poor distribution of sanctions that impact professionals from real estate and individuals. It comes from the Directorate General of Competition, Consumption and Fraud Suppression (DGCCRF).

African countries in control of the economic crisis related to COVID-19

 African countries in control of the economic crisis related to COVID-19 © AFP - Yanick Folly Aerial view of Lomé in Togo. 2021 was punctuated once again by the Pandemic of Covid-19 and its share of restrictions that had a significant impact on global economies as well as Africans. For the new year, the announcements of measures to contain inflation and limit the consequences of the populations have multiplied ... Tour of these ads. "The reopening of the economy", this is what announced Friday night the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in his New Year's address.

Indeed, so far the owners were not concerned by the risk of an administrative fine if they did not publish the DPE at the time of putting their property on sale or rent. This sanction was then imposed only on agencies and real estate representatives. From now on, the fine can be estimated at 3,000 euros for a physical professional. For a corporation, it will be up to five times more: the fine could thus reach 15,000 euros.

After adjustments to the DPE method, the controls begin in 2022

in the future, individuals should be attentive. "They can be punished for failure to comply with their billing obligation, but only after notice by the DGCCRF or one of its departmental antennas, details the lawyer specializing in real estate law, Mr. Cyril Sabatié: the financial penalty Including only if the formal notice, which can be imagined last few days, did not allow to regularize the situation.

Building without a license is a hidden defect?

 Building without a license is a hidden defect? © Avel Chuklanov / Unsplash Building permit Practice - Selling a well that has not obtained a building permit is like a hidden vice and can have heavy consequences. It may happen that the buyer of a property notes a problem that he did not expect once the sale concluded. If it is what we describe as vice hidden, it is then entitled to turn against the seller through the action as a guarantee of hidden defects.

If it is officially possible to sanction professionals since July 1 and individuals since August 25, the government left them a time of adaptation. "A tolerance, related to the novelty of this measure and the adjustments of the DPE method, has been applied, emphasizes in the entourage of the Minister of Housing, Emmanuelle Wargon. The actors were informed that this tolerance would end on January 1, 2022. The DGCCRF did not exercise controls in 2021, but will do it on 2022. "

New Obligations

and there will be work. Because 2022 adds new "green" obligations to the agenda of professionals and individuals. In addition to the mandatory ECD, it is also necessary to honor the obligation to post in the sales ad or rental of a gourmet property in energy The mention "Housing with excessive energy consumption: class F (or G)" . "This explicit and specific mention aims to recall that from 1 January 2028, the law imposes on dwelling buildings that the level of performance (EPM) should only be understood between Class A and Class E", According to Cyril Sabatié. Accuracy and clarity requires, "this mention must be at least equal to that of the characters of the text for the sales or rental", continues the expert.

Finally, ultimate mandatory mention to appear since 1 January: the estimate of annual energy expenditure. This obligation is valid for all property for dwelling, co-ownership or not, on sale or rental. Note that "the reference year of energy prices used to establish this estimate" will have to be specified, indicates the FNAIM.

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