US News Iran: Parents of Victims of the Ukrainian Boeing Defatted in Tehran complaint

09:10  11 january  2022
09:10  11 january  2022 Source:   rfi.fr

biden calls the Ukrainian president after warning Putin against an invasion

 biden calls the Ukrainian president after warning Putin against an invasion © - the American President Joe Biden during an exchange with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Wilmington, in Delaware, December 30, 2021 US President Joe Biden will call on Sunday his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, a few days later with Vladimir Putin, accused of massaging troops at the Russian-Ukrainian border for a possible invasion.

Débris du Boeing 737-800 ukrainien abattu par les forces armées iraniennes le 8 janvier 2020. © Akbar Tavakoli / IRNA / AFP Boeing debris 737-800 Ukrainian slaughtered by the Iranian armed forces on January 8, 2020.

on January 8, 2020, the Iranian armed forces slaughtered a Boeing from Ukraine International Airlines that had just taken off from Tehran for Kiev. The drama had cost the 176 occupants of the device, mostly Iranians and Canadians. On Monday, we have learned that two Iranian parents from two young passengers from the aircraft lodged a complaint against three of the highest security officials of the country.

The complaint comes from Mohsen Assadi-Lari, Director General of International Affairs at the Ministry of Health at the time of the drama and his wife. The couple lost a son and a girl of 23 and 21 years old. The complaint was aimed at the Secretary of the Supreme Council of National Security, Ali Chamkhani, the leader of the guardians of the Revolution, Hossein Salami, and the head of the aerospace branch of the Guardians of the Revolution, Admirali Hajizadeh.

Iranian nuclear. Tehran welcomes the "realistic" approach in the

 Iranian nuclear. Tehran welcomes the discussions after a three-day break, Iran and the Signatory Powers of the Agreement on its nuclear program (Germany, China, France, Great Britain and Russia) resumed on Monday in Vienna, the talks to try to save the concluded pact in 2015. Iran declared Monday, January 3 to have noted the "realistic" approach adopted by him by the Westerners in the talks for save The Nuclear Agreement in Vienna , where the negotiations took over after a three-day break.

In an interview with a daily reformer Sharge, the complainants launch serious charges against the ideological army of the Islamic Republic. In particular, they have an interview with the leader of the guardians of the Revolution, who told them that the attack on the plane had been a deliberate act to prevent an American attack against Iran.

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The Drama Night, Iranian Air Defenses were in a position of maximum alert for fear of a American attack. The Islamic Republic expected a replica of Washington after attacking a base used by the US military in Iraq, as a response to the elimination of General Qassem Soleimani , Artisan of the Iran Regional Strategy.

The guards denied this version of the facts. Tehran had recognized the facts that three days later saying to have shot down the device "by mistake". But the affirmations of the former plan of the regime provoke a lot of emotion but also of doubts and debates in Iranian society.

Iranian nuclear. "Progress" too slow in the negotiations, according to the Westerners .
© Atta Kenare / AFP The Iranian flag floats in front of a nuclear power plant, in Iran, June 5, 2020. Iran and the Signatory Powers of the Agreement On its nuclear program leads talks on the concluded Covenant in 2015. The United States is optimistic and speak of "modest progress" in the discussions. However, the game is far from won.

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