US News Trial of 13-November: Mohamed Abrini Asked about his relationship to religion

02:30  12 january  2022
02:30  12 january  2022 Source:   rfi.fr

Abdeslam: Will the trial of 13-November really be able to resume Thursday?

 Abdeslam: Will the trial of 13-November really be able to resume Thursday? © Thomas COEX / AFP The trial of the 17-November attacks can resume Thursday, January 6 if the Salah Abdeslam PCR test is negative, "said the President of the specially composed court of Assize Tuesday. But, the terrorist lawyer stated that his client was not able to appear. The uncertainty reigns around the recovery of the trial of the attacks of 13-November .

Mohamed Abrini, «l'homme au chapeau» des attentats de Bruxelles, a été le deuxième a être interrogé au procès du 13-Novembre. © AFP - Benoit Peyrucq Mohamed Abrini, "The man in hat" of the attacks of Brussels, was the second to be questioned at the trial of the 13 -November.

A new step at the trial of the noveltime attacks, which was able to resume its normal course, now that Salah Abdeslam was declared covid-19 and to appear. The accused will now be questioned on the merits of the file, starting with their relationship to religion. First heard this Tuesday, November 11, Mohamed Abrini, 37, childhood friend of Salah Abdeslam and in particular accused of having accompanied the commandos in Paris the day before the attacks.

"Do you think you are radicalized? "Asks the President immediately. "There are places in the world, Saudi Arabia, for example, where you will find the radical practice, but for me it is normal Islam," said Mohamed Abrini "for me Sharia, the divine law, is Above the law of men and if I were free, I will live in a country where it is applied. "

Murder of an African American jogger: the family requires the maximum penalty for three white white

 Murder of an African American jogger: the family requires the maximum penalty for three white white © - Montage photos of June 24 2020 from William Bryan, Gregory McMichael and his son Travis McMichael, accused of the murder of the Jogger Black Ahmaud Arbery Ahmaud Arbery's family claimed Friday Life Prison without the possibility of early freedom for three white Americans, convicted in November to have pursued and shot the young African-American jogger in February 2020 in the state of Georgia .

if it defends oneself to be "a framework of the Islamic State", the accused presents convictions well anchored, in clear opposition with "you, the Westerners", and the "incompatible" democracy, according to him, " with Islam ".

How does this Belgian little practicing until the end of 2014 switched? wants to know the Court. The departure and death of his brother in Syria were decisive. "He was the cause of my repentance, of God who guided me", "explains Abrini, who refuses to condemn the attacks, even if he recognizes that the victims were" innocent ". "I'm not able to blow me up to kill people. But those who did it, it is in response to bombings, violence. I understand them, "he says without animosity.

To a lawyer who asks him what he would like to say to the civil parties, he answers after a long hesitation: "All I can tell them is that it's really sad what happened to them. They have been doubly victims and the foreign policy of France and the foreign policy of the EI.

It is not, says Mohamed Abrini, to "justify" or "legitimize" the attacks, but for him are "victims of war". "In the war," he often repeats, often hazardous historic parallels, "the disgusting things do not come from one camp. »

trial surveys of the Elysee Claude Gueant and former close to Sarkozy set Friday .
© AFP / Eric FEFERBERG Claude Gueant, former right hand of Nicolas Sarkozy is one of the respondents in the business surveys of the Elysee. Court delivers judgment this afternoon to 14 am in the case of opinion surveys commissioned by the palace without tenders during the five year term of Nicolas Sarkozy. The former employees of the former head of state, protected by his presidential immunity, appeared particularly for favoritism or embezzlement.

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