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04:15  12 january  2022
04:15  12 january  2022 Source:   rfi.fr

The presence of Russian mercenaries in Mali is likely to put an end to the commitment of the European special forces

 The presence of Russian mercenaries in Mali is likely to put an end to the commitment of the European special forces meeting in Brest on 13 January 2022, the European ministers of defense and foreign affairs have sought the answer to the arrival of mercenaries Wagner group in Mali. © provided by FranceInfo while the presence of 300 to 400 Russian mercenaries of the Wagner group in Mali was confirmed by several diplomats, the Europeans present in the region, particularly through the Tabuka force, expressed their concern.

Algeria warned neighbouring Mali 's military rulers on Tuesday against a " long transition " to civilian government, calling for "calm" dialogue after West African leaders imposed tough sanctions against Bamako. Leaders from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) had on Sunday agreed to a string of punitive measures including border closures and a trade embargo over election delays. The government of Malian Colonel Assimi Goita, who came to power in an August 2020 coup followed by a second putsch, last month proposed a five-year transition period arguing that chronic

Resource-rich economies can find themselves trapped in a dilemma over whether to prioritize processes of structural change or to preserve their balance of payments equilibrium. The objective of national development strategies to diversify the productive structure might reflect on the attraction of foreign direct investment projects, with a negative impact on net exports-therefore leading to current account deficits and increased needs of external financing. This article analyses this macroeconomic trade-off, through the particular case of one Egyptian direct investment in Algeria by way of a cable

La présidence algérienne plaide pour un dialogue serein et réaliste entre la junte malienne et la Cédéao (image d'illustration) © Fateh Guidoum The Algerian Presidency pleads for a serene and realistic dialogue between the Malian junta and the cedao (image of illustration)

in a statement Appeared on Tuesday, the Algerian president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune declares to be available to help the establishment of a crisis exit plan, which holds accounts both international requirements and the legitimate aspirations of the Malian people. After the heavy sanctions inflicted this weekend by the Cédao in Bamako, the Algerian Presidency pleads for a serene and realistic dialogue between the two parties.

Bring the Cédao and Mali to dialogue but also the rapid return of a civilian power to Bamako: these are the objectives displayed by Algiers

Attention, this video taken in Haiti does not show the arrest of "French terrorists in Mali"

 Attention, this video taken in Haiti does not show the arrest of © Observers A video claims to reveal an arrest of "French terrorists" in Mali by the private group Wagner. But the video is out of context. A short video circulating since January 12th on Facebook and Twitter asserts to show the arrest of "French terrorists" in Mali, some accounts sometimes attributing to the Russian Wagner group. The video actually shows the presentation to the press of suspects after the assassination of the Haitian President Jovenel Moses in July 2021.

Diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Algeria are good, covering a diverse range of areas such as migration, new technologies, sustainable development, economic affairs and culture. The two countries have concluded more than 30 agreements. Switzerland maintains a regular dialogue on migration to ensure consistent implementation of the agreement signed with Algeria . At the same time, it implements local projects aimed at helping migrants into employment. 2. Digitalisation and new technologies.

Algeria . Angola. Argentina. Mali . Malta. Marshall Islands. A number of delegations have argued against a long transition period. Without entering into the debate over exactly how long the transition period should be, it is worth noting that the very fact that a number of countries need a long transition period to meet the obligations of Article 4 is a sign of the significance of these requirements.

Abdelmadjid Tebboune joins the French and American voices who asked the Malian junta to organize quickly elections. The Algerian President wishes that this year 2022 be that of the establishment of a Convening and Consensus constitutional order.

While the Malian government is considering a transitional period of up to five years, Algeria estimates "reasonable and justifiable a firm period of 12 to 16 months". It warns of the political, security and economic consequences that can have a long transition.

Only an inclusive approach could respond to Malian structural problems as well as the many challenges that the Government faces, in particular that of the fight against terrorism, considers the Algerian head of state

as a neighboring country, friend and Chairman of the Monitoring Committee of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali, Algeria is thus ready to help de-escalation of the tensions between Cédao and Mali.

The Comoros and the Gambia, "Blue" of the CAN 2021 .
© Panoramic COMORES-TV5-03012022 The Comoros and the Gambia are preparing to dispute in Cameroon the first can of their history. Before the kickoff of the event, which will be given on January 9, return on the course of these "blue" continental football. The enlargement of the African Cup of the Nations of sixteen to twenty-four teams offers certain emerging countries the opportunity to know for the first time happiness (and honors) of a final phase.

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