US News Washington approves the release of five Guantanamo detainees

22:20  12 january  2022
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 Iranian nuclear. Tehran welcomes the discussions after a three-day break, Iran and the Signatory Powers of the Agreement on its nuclear program (Germany, China, France, Great Britain and Russia) resumed on Monday in Vienna, the talks to try to save the concluded pact in 2015. Iran declared Monday, January 3 to have noted the "realistic" approach adopted by him by the Westerners in the talks for save The Nuclear Agreement in Vienna , where the negotiations took over after a three-day break.

  Washington approuve la libération de cinq détenus de Guantanamo © AFP

L ES US approved the release of five additional detainees of the Guantanamo military prison, where are still detained 39 presumed prisoners complicit with terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda , according to official Pentagon documents consulted on Wednesday.

Never formally charged, the Yemenites Mouaz Hamza al-Alaoui, Souheil Al-Charabi and Omar Al-Rammah, Somalien Guled Hassan Duran and Kenyan Mohammed Abdul Malik Bajabu received their exit good end 2021, according to new documents published this week by the Guantanamo Review Board.

The revision committee, which consists of senior officials of the US administration, has ruled that they no longer represented danger for the United States.

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What point of fall?

The green light on their release does the number of detainees promised to be released if the United States finds them a point of fall, which could delay their effective exit, because Washington does not repatriate the ex-prisoners to the Yemen , a country with a violent civil war, nor to the Somalia , another country in crisis.

Industrial experts mandated by the United Nations have enjoined the United States to close their Guantanamo military prison, "incessant violations of human rights".

the sadly famous detention center, open just 20 years after the jihadist attacks of the 11-September in the context of "the war against terrorism", sheltered up to 780 detainees, first locked up in Cages then the prison cells hurriedly erected on the American military base.

United States: a cyber attack paralyzed an American prison and constrained the authorities to confine the detainees in their

 United States: a cyber attack paralyzed an American prison and constrained the authorities to confine the detainees in their cells for the time, no detail has been communicated as to the identity of the hackers or the nature of their requests . © Provided by FranceInfo An attack on the heavy ransick of consequences. The incident has completely paralyzed the County Prison in Bernalillo, New Mexico (United States), rendering the inoperative surveillance cameras and binding the authorities to confine inmates in their cells, according to official documents.

Most have since been released, some after more than 10 years of detention without charge. It also houses 39. Ten of them, including the alleged brain of the attacks of 11-September, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed , says "KSM", are waiting for judgment by a military commission. Two were sentenced and nine others still hope for their release.

By stating these five liberable prisoners, the Biden administration accelerates efforts to close Guantanamo, which had been frozen under Donald Trump.

In a tribune published on the Lawfare site, Senator Democrat Dianne Feinstein felt that detainees awaiting judgment, including KSM, could be judged by US civil courts rather than by the military commission, which was accused of Abuse, including placing the exchanges between detainees and their lawyers under listening.

"Now that the war in Afghanistan is over, it's time to close Guantanamo once and for all," she tried.

in Sudan, manifestations, road locks and censored media

 in Sudan, manifestations, road locks and censored media © AFP M Edecins Protestant against attacks of hospitals, farmers denouncing the increase in electricity and media demanding the right to cover the crisis at Sudan : The military power is again Sunday in the viewfinder of the protest.

Fragile Mental Health

The Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby assured Monday that the US administration remained "engaged in the closure of Guantanamo Bay Prison", located in an American military base on the island of Cuba.

According to their lawyers, some of the last nine potentially liberable detainees suffer from mental disorders, which complicates their possible reintegration into their country of origin or elsewhere.

The Yemeni Khalid Ahmed Qassim was denied his release voucher in December, although the Review Board recognized that he had never been a senior official of Al-Qaeda or Taliban.

According to the documents published this week, the Commission noted that it did not obey the instructions of prison officials and that he had no life project that would justify his release.

The Commission "encourages the inmate to make obedience efforts and to further control its emotions", is it specified. She asks Yemeni's lawyers to introduce him by the month of May a work plan on "how his mental health will be managed if he is transferred" Out of Guantanamo.

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Yemen: At least 70 deaths in a typing against a prison held by the rebels .
© AFP - - This image extracted from a video distributed by the media center Ansarullah on January 21, 2022 shows the destruction of a prison of Bastion Rebel Houthi of Saada, in northern Yemen, after being touched during an aerial shot doing many dead or injured. It happened in Saada in Yemen, in a region controlled by the Houthis rebels. At least 70 deaths, it is the record of an air strike on Friday, January 21 against a prison in the north of the country.

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