US News Video: Youtuberin destroys gender language - and is used for this!

14:54  13 january  2022
14:54  13 january  2022 Source:   maennersache.de

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barely a day passes on, where a new history does not show up around genders. The latest is one with bang effect. Why the gender will fail!

Alicia Joester © YouTube / Alicia Joe Alicia Joester

Gotteschan! Since the world has had luck again that this story does not come from an old, white man - because the part of the company is worldwide and basically responsible for every sample, so even for the cruel suppression of all only imaginable minorities.

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No, this criticism of genders comes from a young woman. Good, she is white. But Hey, Nobody's Perfect, Right? But what does not stand up: in her YouTube video "Why Gender Language will fail" , it does not comply with sarcastic tirades against one thing that she does not like, on the contrary.

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Gender language: the power of good arguments

quite analytical and calmly she deals with the topic, brings examples , which greatly explain its viewpoint , Makes its own counterproposals and confesses that the attempt to make language slightly fairer to make a higher goal.

This calms uniquoves and is a welcome contrast for the often strong polarizing "discussion" around this topic. Even the author of these lines has become more calmer and calm during writing of these lines. That's the power of good arguments.

Elke Heidenreich over gender-speaking: "Horrible, if I already hear that ..."

Alicia Joester: A contribution that impresses

who has now become curious about the comments of the 25-year Alicia Joester , which under OTHER took the Stuttgart newspaper , which the video is urgently placed on the heart. It is not the usual two-minute snippets that are consumed in passing. But those who brings a little little more time, a valuable, untrained yet impression of contribution is set on the subject.

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Click here for Alicia Joester's video "Why Gender Language will fail" .

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