US News VIGIL (ARTE): Has the series been actually turned into a nuclear submarine?

20:30  13 january  2022
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Tall Herbs (Arte): Has Emmanuelle Devos learned to speak Italian for the role?

 Tall Herbs (Arte): Has Emmanuelle Devos learned to speak Italian for the role? © Image & Company - Arte Tall Herbs (Arte): Has Emmanuelle Devos learned to speak Italian for the role? This Thursday, January 6, Arte offers the tall grass, a thriller as a mini-series. Emmanuelle Devos interpreters EVE, a translator in Italian. But did the actress really speak Italian speak? This Thursday, January 6th, you will have to put you on a summer on Arte with its new mini-series, the tall grass .

Vigil (Arte) : la série a-t-elle été réellement tournée dans un sous-marin nucléaire ? © World Productions / Arte Vigil (Arte): Has the series been actually turned into a nuclear submarine? ARTE offers this Thursday, January 13 the British Vigil series. This thriller with Suitanne Jones and Rose Leslie takes place largely in a submarine. Is it life size decorations?

that suspended thrillers lovers stand ready because ARTE is about to make them a nice gift. This Thursday 13 January, the channel will broadcast the British series Vigil , created by Tom Edge, Scriptwriter of The Crown , and made by James Strong, the director of Broadchurch . What is already a great promise in itself. After Higher herbs with Emmanuelle Devos last week ( learned to speak Italian for the role? ), ARTE pursues the diffusion of its offer thriller: the suspicious death of a crew member From the nuclear submarine HMS VIGIL requires the Royal Navy to let the police investigate. In charge of this case, a stubborn duo leads the investigations of a hand of iron: Suanne Jones ( Dr. Foster ) aboard the Vigil and Pink Leslie ( who married his partner of Game of Thrones ) on the surface. But is it a real submarine?

Iranian nuclear. Tehran welcomes the "realistic" approach in the

 Iranian nuclear. Tehran welcomes the discussions after a three-day break, Iran and the Signatory Powers of the Agreement on its nuclear program (Germany, China, France, Great Britain and Russia) resumed on Monday in Vienna, the talks to try to save the concluded pact in 2015. Iran declared Monday, January 3 to have noted the "realistic" approach adopted by him by the Westerners in the talks for save The Nuclear Agreement in Vienna , where the negotiations took over after a three-day break.

The Vigil series was shot in a nuclear submarine?

This series, that is worth being regarded as well for its original scenario, with a geopolitical stakeholder, only for its casting , must partly its success in the fact that it is turned like a closed session. Indeed, Suitanne Jones ( who is really this actress? ), in the features of the chief detective Amy Silva share directly investigating on the submarine, allowing to install a suffocating and tense atmosphere from the beginning. More real than nature, the impressive decorations are not, however, those of a real submarine. The military craft has been tailor-made in Scotland studios, in the vicinity of Glasgow.

The nuclear submarine of the Royal Navy really exists?

This time, the answer is yes. And it is even the existence of this submarine and his crew who inspired the series according to Tom Edge, his creator. " In April 1969, the Royal Navy launched the UK continuous sea deterrence system (CASD) in response to a perceived strategic weakness - our vulnerability to a preventive nuclear strike. The daily operation of the CASD rests on the shoulders of men and ordinary women. When they leave in patrol, 130 people leave their usual lives to live in exiguous conditions, without privacy or the light of the day and being cut off almost any communication with the outside world. No bad news n. It is authorized to be transmitted, in case she destabilized the recipient "tells Tom Edge by confirming that he had always wanted to tell the sacrifices of these men and women and the pressure that was incumbent. It's now done.

Germany wants to accelerate its energy transition .
© AFP / Archivos Robert Habeck, November 16, 2019. The business coalition in Germany for a few weeks with the participation of ecologists has set ambitious objectives for development renewable energies. The responsibility minister did the point on Tuesday, January 11th, and explained how he intends to achieve these goals. with our correspondent in Berlin, Pascal Thibaut The fight against global warming forces many countries to develop their efforts to reduce their harmful emissions.

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