US News The EU supports Lithuania in the conflict which opposes it to China for Taiwan

23:05  14 january  2022
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Migrants: Lithuania pleads for the reinforcement of the external borders of the EU

 Migrants: Lithuania pleads for the reinforcement of the external borders of the EU © AFP - Petras Malukas Lithuania has built on its border a wall of four meters high, overcome by barbed wire and watch. Many European ministers from the interior found themselves Friday in Vilnius to discuss the protection of the European Union's borders on the appeal of Lithuania. The country has undergone this summer a massive migration wave. More than 4,000 people crossed the border between Belarus and Lithuania.

The diplomatic rapprochement between the Baltic country and the archipelago provoked the anger of Beijing which responded by commercial restrictions. View on Euronews

  L’UE soutient la Lituanie dans le conflit qui l’oppose à la Chine concernant Taïwan © Mark Schiefelbein / The Associated Press

The EU supports Lithuania facing China. The 27 defend their partner, a member of the European club, engaged in an political and commercial battle with Beijing about Taiwan. The support of Vilnius towards Taipei has provoked the anger of the Chinese authorities.

This formal announcement came from the leader of the European diplomacy after an meeting of the 27 Foreign Ministers in Brest. Josep Borrell ensures that there is "obvious solidarity" with Lithuania in this conflict.

Conflict in Ukraine: The OSCE, meeting this Thursday, counts the violations of the agreements and plays the arbitrators

 Conflict in Ukraine: The OSCE, meeting this Thursday, counts the violations of the agreements and plays the arbitrators © OSCE in Stanytsia Luhanska, OSCE observers meet inhabitants. place at the third and final sequence of an intense diplomatic ballet to defuse the risk of a conflict in Ukraine: the Permanent Council for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is meeting this Thursday, January 13, 2022 in Vienna ( Austria) to continue the dialogue between Russia, the United States and their European allies.

Diplomatic quarrel between China and Lithuania: Taiwan in the heart of the problem

"Some things (with China) are going well, others less well," says the Spanish manager. "At the meeting, we talked about Chinese activities in Lithuania and the impact of these activities for the EU as a whole. Member States have clearly expressed their solidarity with Lithuania and we discussed how we Can actively pursue the de-escalation of this crisis, "continued Josep Borrell.

The Bureau of Anger

Lithuania authorized November the opening to Vilnius of a Taiwanese representation office , in other words a kind of embassy. This is the first delegation of this kind in Europe. For China it is an unacceptable gesture. According to Beijing it is a "clear violation" of China United policy.

Top 14: The Olympic Biarritz now has the head under water

 Top 14: The Olympic Biarritz now has the head under water © Gaizka Iroz / AFP Tomas Cubelli, the Argentine Mylee of the Bo. A shot of mass for the Olympic Biarritz. By bowing Saturday to Aguiéra against Perpignan (23-25) in the game of fear between Promigus, Basques have greatly complicated the task for maintaining. Here they are now red lantern of the Top 14, with three points behind the USAP, which will have the accounting advantage at the end of the season in case of equality since the Catalans had already inclined to go, like. Giral (33-20).

But the dispute covered for some time now. Everything started after the start last May of Lithuania of the group says: 17 + 1. This is the format preferred by China to negotiate directly with Eastern EU countries.

In response and without warning, Beijing then decided to restrict the entry of Lithuanian goods on its territory. These reprisals explain the strengthening of relations between the Baltic and Taiwan country, resulting in commercial tensions with the environmental empire. Reverse Lithuania?

It is in this atmosphere of tension that Vilnius said in December that it would not send

any diplomatic representative at the Olympic Winter Games in China. However, the Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Ministry refuses to use the word Boycott. The political consensus seems to be made in Lithuania. The President, Gitanas Nauceda, estimated at the beginning of the month that it was an "error" to leave Taiwan open a representation office under his own name. The Taiwanese authorities should have been using the expression "Chinese Taipei"

Ukraine conflict with Russia: US obviously consider emergency gas supplies to Europe

 Ukraine conflict with Russia: US obviously consider emergency gas supplies to Europe In Ukraine conflict, the US government for emergency gas supplies should have explored in Europe. Around one third of its gas needs, the EU relates to Russia. © Photo: Alexei Alexandrov / AP / DPA Ukraine Conflict In Ukraine Conflict with Russia , the US government has insiders explored emergency plans for gas supplies to Europe with energy companies.

, the name used by Taiwan in international bodies, so as not to provoke Beijing's anger who claims his rights the island located at the China Sea.

Lithuania in the EU to claim the Diplomatic Boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing

These recent political positions perhaps emphasize a form of reversal from Vilnius. China also uses all its economic weight to pressure European companies so that they do not use components manufactured in Lithuania. A recent survey conducted by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reveals that only 13% of the population supports the government's current position on China.

A test for the EU

unit If Vilnius today tries to mitigate the shock, the words held by Josep Borrell on Friday are good news for Lithuania. The country seeks to move its conflict with Beijing on a European scale, considering that

the impact affects the whole single market

. The government should also feel encouraged by the recent words of the French President. Emmanuel Macron is worried about how China acts with Lithuania.

Taiwan also supports Vilnius in the form of a $ 1 billion fund to help country businesses in this confrontation with China. In addition, Taipei intends to invest $ 200 million in Lithuania, particularly in the microprocessor sector, an area in which the EU wants to become a global player.

This dispute with China is a real

test for the Member States

. The way it evolves could define the tone of future relations between the EU and Beijing.

Conflict in Ukraine: Russia and Westerners at a finger of relaxation .
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