US News Ukraine: Despite a week of negotiations between Russia and the United States, the peace always threatened

23:10  14 january  2022
23:10  14 january  2022 Source:   ouest-france.fr

The United States ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of

 The United States ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of Missiles Russia-Ukraine-USA-Biden: the United States ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of Missiles © Reuters / Handout States United ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of Washington missiles - the United States and their allies are willing to discuss with Russia, as part of Talks on Ukraine, the possibility for each part of Restrict military activities and missile deployments in the region, said Saturday a senior official of the US President Joe Biden.

Le ministre russe des Affaires Etrangères Sergei Lavrov attend maintenant une réponse écrite aux exigences de son pays. © AFP The Russian Minister of Foreign Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov is now waiting for a written answer to the demands of his country.

A week of talks between the United States and Russia have not allowed to appease the lively crystallized tensions around Ukraine.

Meetings in Geneva (bilateral talks) Monday, January 10, in Brussels (NATO Russia) Wednesday 12 Then Vienne ( Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe ) Thursday, January 13, have led to any de-escalation of tensions between United States and Russia .

100,000 Russian soldiers at the

Moscow border declined the holding of new exchanges in the coming days, both disagreements are great. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov indicated that he was waiting for next week, written answers to his country's demands.


 PUTINS UKRAINE-KALKÜL Whether the negotiations with Russia in Geneva, Brussels and Vienna will make significant progress on this week or revealed with claims so that early demolition should be provoked, is not in the power of the West. But the smartest reactions. © Alexei Nikolsky Russia President Vladimir Putin on Monday on a video clause with allies to the situation in Kazakhstan.

There are always nearly 100,000 Russian soldiers at the border with Ukraine.

Russia claims to have no bellicious intention but claims that NATO renounces expanding its alliances to the east and recedes the arms positioned too close to its territory. Thursday, the number two of the Russian diplomacy, Sergei Riabkov, did not exclude the sending of Russian forces in Venezuela or Cuba, allies of his country, in case of failure of diplomacy.

Each camp continued on Friday to treat the other danger for peace.

Cyber ​​attacks and firing exercises

The United States accuses Russia for having prepared agents in Ukraine to make a pretext for an invasion. NATO announced, in response to Cyberattack - not claimed, but attributed to the Russians - against Ukrainian ministries on Friday, its intention to strengthen cooperation with Kiev in this area.

Westerners exacerbate tensions despite their commitments and common sense, "says Sergei Lavrov. We will not categorically accept the appearance of NATO just to our borders. To add to the atmosphere, the Russian Ministry of Russian Defense broadcast on the weekends of shielded shooting exercises near Moscow, and armored transport from the Russian Far East.

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has a meeting with three, with American president Joe Biden and Russian Vladimir Putin, without much success.

Ukraine: Confirmed meeting between Russian and British Defense Ministers .
© - Andrew Medichini The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Choïgou has agreed to meet Som British homologis Ben Wallace, Moscow. Here, at a press conference in Rome, February 18, 2020. While the pressure remains live at the Russian-Ukrainian border, diplomatic initiatives continue.

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