US News Omicron: While the epidemic peak is in view, a plan to help hospitals is finalized

20:40  16 january  2022
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coronavirus in Île-de-France: a number of contaminations always more important to start the year

 coronavirus in Île-de-France: a number of contaminations always more important to start the year The transition to the year 2022 has been under the sign of record figures in Île-de-France for the virus © Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP nearly 2,000 patients were admitted to the hospital because of COVID-19, according to Public health figures France Monday Covid-19 - The transition to the year 2022 was done Under the sign of record figures in Île-de-France for the virus The Covid-19 has only to make good wishes .

Les autorités préparent un plan pour aider les hôpitaux à faire face à un afflux de patients lors du pic de la cinquième vague de Covid-19. © AFP

The authorities prepare a plan to help hospitals cope with an influx of patients at the peak of the fifth wave of COVID-19.

The peak of contaminations of the fifth wave of Covid-19 seems near. "We finally witness a real drop in the incidence of Delta, and for Omicron, one arrives on a plateau with all the precursor signs of the peak", describes the Ministry of Health. In hospitals too, this weekend offers good news: the number of critical care patients is slightly decreasing. A little less than 3,900 y were enlisted before, which lets hope that the Cap of 4,000, beyond which the tension is extreme, might not be crossed.

COVID-19: In the United Kingdom, the signs of the beginning of the end of the Omicron wave

 COVID-19: In the United Kingdom, the signs of the beginning of the end of the Omicron wave after a record of contamination caused by the Omicron variant and observed on January 4, the curve of contamination begins to slow down, followed by that Hospitalizations in the London Capital. © Justin Tallis / AFP Hospitals in the United Kingdom are always in tension despite the beginning of a drop in the UK admissions finally goes out the head of the water. Over the handle, where the Omicron variant represents more than 95% of the contaminations, the curve begins to reverse.

In question, the Delta described, responsible for more severe forms than all other variants before him. The authorities already derive the consequences of this fall: postponed operations will be reprogrammed tomorrow in Marseille, as well as diagnostic colonoscopies in Parisian hospitals.

A higher level at the peak of the third wave

For several weeks, the experts repeated that odic, which causes less serious and contaminated conditions of the populations already immunized by the vaccine and / or an earlier infection, had changed the face of the 'epidemic. For them, the highest threat now weighs on conventional hospitalization services. The current figures give them right.

Friday, some 24,500 patients with COVID-19 were welcomed. A higher level at the peak of the third wave. What is the trend for the next few days? "It accelerates less strong but it's going to rise again, we expect two to four hard weeks," said Ségur Avenue, where it is confirmed that it is the main point of vigilance.

Coronavirus: The Pandemic Point

 Coronavirus: The Pandemic Point © STR An inhabitant of Anyang submits to a nucleic acid test against coronavirus in the central province of Henan in China, January 12, 2022 New measures, new Assessment and Highlights: An update on the latest developments in the Pandemic of Covid-19 in the world. - Russia: two weeks to prepare for Omicron - Russia, the most endangered country of Europe by the COVID-19, only two weeks before being struck by the Omicron variant, warns the President Vladimir Putin.

" A different disease "

This week, a plan for fluidifying the management and managing an influx of hospitalizations in these services has been finalized by the authorities. It takes into account the latest discoveries on the pathology caused by the new variant, which touches the bronchi more than the lungs. "We are faster and faster and faster healed", will we summarize the department, where one describes a "different disease", with a shorter interval between the first symptoms and a possible aggravation, and another clinical presentation . The COVID-19 version start 2022 more often gives digestive disorders, a feeling of confusion, great fatigue and aches.

The aggravation that could lead in resuscitation the second week is much less frequent; It mainly concerns immunocompromised persons. "Emergencies will be turned on, but as there are fewer respiratory damage, fewer oxygen needs, hospital durations will be reduced," says Ségur Avenue.

The Omicron plane aims to reduce, in all care facilities, the average duration of stay of six to three days. The Ministry summarizes its objective: "We are trying to reassure doctors on the slightest frequency of lung damage with this variant and to encourage them to keep their patients less long by monitoring them in telemedicine or by confiding them with the hospitalization services. residence."

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The number of patients Covid in resuscitation at a stable and high level .
© Copyright 2022, OBS The number of patients with critical hospitalized Cvid-19 has remained almost stable on Sunday, January 23, with 3,760 patients against 3 746 Saturday, according to Public health figures France. These services recorded 143 new admissions in the last 24 hours, against 214 the day before.

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