US News Ten years after the Carnage of Utøya, Anders Breivik asks for his release

11:15  18 january  2022
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Mali: West African states announce a blockade of the country to force the military junta to organize elections

 Mali: West African states announce a blockade of the country to force the military junta to organize elections the military, authors of two courses in 2020 and 2021, say not to be able to organize the ballot planned in February, supposed to make power to civilians. © Provided by FranceInfo The pressure rises on the military junta that directs Mali. The Heads of State of the Economic Community of West African States (Cédéao), many of which are neighbors in the country, announced the closure of their borders with Mali, with the exception of basic necessities .

Anders Breivik, ici lors de son procès en août 2012. REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov © Stoyan Nenov Anders Breivik, here during his trial in August 2012. Reuters / Stoyan Nenov

A case of consciousness. Ten years after killing 77 people in Norway, the right-right extremist Anders Behring Breivik pleads on Tuesday for his release, a request dedicated to failure but likely to serve as a political tribune in the chagrin of families victims. In a relocated procedure, for safety reasons, in the Gymnasium of the Skien Prison (South) where it is incarcerated, Norwegian justice will review the conditional release request filed by Brevik, sentenced in 2012 to 21 years in prison with possibility extension. On July 22, 2011, the right extremist had first exploded a bomb near the headquarters of the government in Oslo, making eight victims, then killed 69 other people, teenagers for the most part, opening fire on a camp. Labor youth on the island of Utøya. "It has not become less extremist"

Trial of 13-November: Mohamed Abrini Asked about his relationship to religion

 Trial of 13-November: Mohamed Abrini Asked about his relationship to religion © AFP - Benoit Peyrucq Mohamed Abrini, "The man in hat" of the attacks of Brussels, was the second to be questioned at the trial of the 13 -November. A new step at the trial of the noveltime attacks, which was able to resume its normal course, now that Salah Abdeslam was declared covid-19 and to appear. The accused will now be questioned on the merits of the file, starting with their relationship to religion.

the killer, today 42 years old, reproached his victims to make the bed of multiculturalism. "As in any other rule of law, a convict has the right to request his parole and Breivik has decided to make use of this right," said his lawyer, Øystein Storrvik, AFP. The sentence he had had - a form of security retention that may be extended indefinitely, as long as it is considered a risk to society - had been accompanied by a minimum period of ten years, the maximum planned by the law at the time. In a country that had not known as violent crime since the Second World War, the request for parole has, in general opinion, no chance of achieving.

"It has not become less extremist from an ideological point of view," says Tore Bjørgo, Director of the University of Oslo's Right Extremism Research Center (C-REX). "It now presents itself as a national-socialist and even if it says that with respect to it, the armed struggle is a phase that belongs to the past, it has no distances with mass killing. That he committed and whom it deems totally legitimate, "he explains.

Washington approves the release of five Guantanamo detainees

 Washington approves the release of five Guantanamo detainees © AFP L ES US approved the release of five additional detainees of the Guantanamo military prison, where are still detained 39 presumed prisoners complicit with terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda , according to official Pentagon documents consulted on Wednesday.

Hi Hitlerian, pseudo-ideological digressions ...

In the prejudices or letters, notably to AFP, Breivik in the past said to give up violence. In 2016, during a trial against the State to protest against its prison isolation, he had dared to the comparison with Nelson Mandela, passed from the armed struggle to political fight. But the extremist, who had completed most of his victims of a bullet in the head, never expressed credible remorse.

, on the contrary, he tried to divert each of his appearances in a courtroom for propaganda purposes, in accordance with what he professed in the "Manifesto" he distributed before his passage to the act. Each new trial, with its shots, is painfully lived by the relatives of the victims. Before the start of this new judicial process, the Family Support Group said "encourage to place as little attention as possible to the terrorist and his message". "Any mention to this case in general and the terrorist in particular is a great burden for the survivors, the parents and all those who have been affected by the terrorist attacks in Norway," he said.

United Kingdom. Two young people related to the catch of hostages of the Colleyville Synagogue arrested

 United Kingdom. Two young people related to the catch of hostages of the Colleyville Synagogue arrested © EPA / Maxppp The four hostages had been released healthy and sound Saturday night, and the hostage taker is deceased. The British counter-terrorism police announced having arrested two young people, Sunday night, in connection with the taking of hostages this weekend by a British in a TEXAS synagogue in the United States.

Brevik Treaty Like any other detainee

Attacks of 2011 inspired other attacks, including Christchurch in New Zealand in 2019 , and projects of attacks around the world. Despite the exceptional nature of his crimes, Norway puts a point of honor to treat Breivik like any other detainee. In 2016, Breivik, which features three cells, a TV with DVD player and game console and a writing machine, had managed to condemn the state for "inhuman" and "degrading" treatment in because of its maintenance away from other detainees. The judgment had been broken on appeal. "The trials and how they were taken," explains Mr. Bjørgo of C-Rex, "this is in a way a victory of the rule of law on the Brevik terrorist" who wanted to destroy him.

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