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09:45  19 january  2022
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The Gad Elmaleh's shot against the sanitary measures

 The Gad Elmaleh's shot against the sanitary measures guest this RTL Monday, Gad Elmaleh gave up the "unjust" gauges imposed by the government. A measure that led to cancel several representations. © RTL screenshot guest this RTL Monday, Gad Elmaleh got up against the "unjust" gauges imposed by the government. A measure that led to cancel several representations. The new sanitary measures do not like everyone, especially in the world of culture.

who has made for 2022 to tumble a few kilos, which is currently dispensing with sugar-containing drinks in addition to greasy food and sweets. But this does not necessarily mean that Coca-Cola fans. After all, there are sugar-free alternatives cola zero and cola light . But honestly: there is nothing to the taste of the original Coca-Cola ran. Although the beverage manufacturer is thus promoting the original Coke taste at the sugar-free Coke Zero Sugar , you clearly taste a difference. But why do we feel the low calorie variant as different if the basic recipe is so similar? Scientist The Duke University in North Carolina now have an answer. (Further: Coca-Cola brings his first own energy drink on the market )

unpublished in the next season of Top Chef: a supermarket manager at the cast!

 unpublished in the next season of Top Chef: a supermarket manager at the cast! © Pierre Olivier / M6 unpublished in the next season of Top Chef: a supermarket manager at the cast! Top Chef Season 13 soon arrives on M6. Among the candidates, we find an unusual profile: a director of hypermarket! Patience to the most greedy ... Top Chef is preparing to return M6. For the time being, the chain has not yet formalized date of dissemination. On Tuesday, January 11, 2022 stood the press conference of the thirteenth season of the culinary competition .

  Normale Coca-Cola oder Coke Zero: Darum schmecken die Getränke für uns so unterschiedlich © Getty Images & Coca-Cola Original vs. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

The Coca-Cola Classic has been the original since 1886 The Coke soft drinks and is produced everywhere in the world according to the same formulation. The caffeinated refreshment drink consists mainly of water, sugar, dye, acidification agent, aroma and caffeine. However, their enormously high sugar proportion makes the Coke spread in more than 200 countries at the same time to one of the unnecessary drinks. A sugar-free coke supplements the product range since 2006 - the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar . Coca-Cola wants to preserve the original Coke taste while offering a calorie-reduced variant. The ingredients are basically similar to the original, the Zero Sugar variant differs only by sweeteners instead of using sugar and an additional acid regulator. Despite the experiment to keep the sugar-free alternative as "original" as possible, however, everyone tastes a clear difference between the products. (Also read: 6 Alcoholic drinks that can do something for your health )

China: Omicron test on the eve of the Olympics

 China: Omicron test on the eve of the Olympics © REUTERS Workers dressed in health protection against the Covid-19 before the Beijing National Stadium, which is to take place the Opening Ceremony winter Olympics on February 4, 2022. Proud of its policy "zero Covid" led an iron fist since the beginning of the pandemic in Wuhan, China seems more in difficulty facing the Omicron variant, while the Olympics arrive . Half a dozen of cities affected by cases of varying Omicron Covid-19. Including Tianjin 100 kilometers from the Chinese capital .

& This distinguishes our body between sugar-containing and sugar-free Coca-Cola

A study of Duke University in North Carolina now gives a statement why the Coca-Cola Original and the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar are not comparable. The artificial sweeteners contained in the Zero Sugar-Cola such as sucralose and acesulfam potassium as well as possible the flavor of the cola original, but our body distinguishes between the original and sugar-free variant. Despite the similarity of the products, there are important subtle differences between genuine sugar and artificial sweetening agents that the human body destroys when taking.

Video: Tastes sugar-free cake better? (Sat.1)

The researchers share the realization in their study that the gastrointestinal tract , not the flavor receptors contained on the tongue make up the difference between Coca-Cola Original and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. Accordingly, certain nerve cells contained in stomach and intestines are transmitted to the brain - this can detect sugar and artificial sweeteners differently and dismantle clearly. More specifically, the so-called VagusNerv in the brain can find out this difference with the help of neurotransmitters such as glutamate or ATP within two millions of seconds . (Also interesting: Better at thirst: On these drinks you should put in summer )

It takes the plane since London and finds itself on board to Florida

 It takes the plane since London and finds itself on board to Florida © Photo: Toby Melville / Reuters The company British Airways would have made a plane fly for nine hours for a single passenger. To reach Florida from the United Kingdom, the British student Kai Forsyth embarked on a plane from the company British Airways. Apart from the crew members, he was alone on board. An unusual situation, which hasaked the users of the Social Tiktok network. But also provoking questions about the actions of the airlines as to their CO2 emissions ...

A sugar-free, sweetener sweetened, drink, according to the findings of the study, which can never taste biologically, like a sugary drink. The nerve tracks of the human brain distinguish much too sensitive between sugar and artificial sweetening agents.

as similar to the ingredients of original and Zero Sugar Coke also - we will always taste a clear difference, as our body does not allow it otherwise. For their intent, this year losing something to weight this year means that this means that it is used to get used to the taste of the sugar-free Coca-Cola, or maybe you prefer to change to water.

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