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08:30  20 january  2022
08:30  20 january  2022 Source:   ouest-france.fr

IFO study: Introduction of ethics lessons influences how religious and conservative people are

 IFO study: Introduction of ethics lessons influences how religious and conservative people are religious or ethics lessons - students were able to choose more often. Did that change your attitude to religion, marriage and labor market? Yes, IFO researchers say.

Joe Biden n'a pas réussi son pari. Les sénateurs républicains ont bloqué sa réforme le vote des sénateurs. © Mandel Ngan / AFP Joe Biden did not pass his bet. Republican senators blocked his reform the vote of senators.

Republican senators blocked Wednesday the adoption of a draft law wanted by the President of the United States, intended to reform the vote within the Senate and to advance most of its laws.

senators inflicted a lapel screwed to Joe Biden on Wednesday by burying his great electoral reform with which the president promised to protect access to African-American urns.

The organization of elections is more than ever a hot topic in America.

to ten months of the Mid-Mandate Legislative Legislative, the Democratic Manager - in office for one year - wanted with its reform to make a framework that all States had to respect to organize the federal polls in the United States.

US Senate debates new sanctions against North Stream 2

 US Senate debates new sanctions against North Stream 2 Against the background of the Ukraine conflict, the US Senate has dealt with possible new sanctions against the controversial Baltic Sea Pipeline Nord Stream 2. Senators debated on Thursday for a bill submitted by the Republican Ted Cruz, which aims in particular on the operator company Nord Stream 2 AG. The text at the same time limits the powers of President Joe Biden to grant exceptions of sanctions under reference to national security interests.

and by doing so, canceling a series of restrictions adopted in about fifteen states since the presidential election of 2020.

According to NGOs, these restrictions deliberately discriminates with black voters, in the majority to have voted for Joe Biden at the last election.

In the Republican states, it is ensured on the contrary that these measures reinforce the safety of the country's polls, a strong argument with their constituents, still numerous to believe that the presidential election of 2020 was "stolen" in Donald Trump.

Democrats in the Senate sought at all costs to adopt Joe Biden's large election reform to undo these measures before the mid-term elections.

Failed "The Nuclear Option"

But the Republican opposition, wind against this law that would believe in the democrats the control of the polls across the country, made block Wednesday night.

Senate ends quarantine chaos: These rules are now valid for Berlin

 Senate ends quarantine chaos: These rules are now valid for Berlin more and more Berliners are infected with Omikron, whether they are already vaccinated, or not. 7797 new infections were added on Thursday according to management report. But despite a new federal state decision, quarantine rules were interpreted differently in Berlin from district to district. On Friday, the Authority of Health Senator Ulrike Gote (Greens) finished chaos.

She deprived the Democrats of the "SuperMaity" of 60 votes required in the Senate to close the debates and submit the text to the vote. Democrats had to rally at least 10 Republicans to achieve this 60-voice threshold to advance most laws in the Senate, a rule known as "Filibuster".

The leader of the Democratic majority in Senate Chuck Schumer, then proposed a vote aimed at changing the "Filibuster" rule to circumvent the Republican opposition and adopt the bill by a simple majority.

This ultimate attempt at the Democrat Staff to push the text with its voice alone, via a so-called "nuclear" option, has not convinced the most moderate of this camp, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, which opposed which .

At the session, Republican Mitt Romney - former US presidential candidate in 2012 and Ferouche Donald Trump - told reporters that a group of senators planned to meet Friday to discuss the launch of a bipartisan effort .

"An embarrassing setback": the American press pin the difficulties of biden to the Congress

 The American press wonders about the tenant's ability of the White House to continue his reforms, while still and always facing the divisions of his own camp. © AFP.com/saul Loeb Joe Biden in Las Vegas, on January 8, 2022, during the funeral of a former senator Times are hard for Joe Biden, and it is not the American press who will say the opposite .

I AM PROFOUNDLY Disappointed That The Senate Has Failed to Stand Up for the Democracy. I AM Disappointed - Goal I AM Not Deterred.

We Will continue to Advance Necessary Legislation and Push for Senate Procedural Changes That Will Protect The Fundamal Right to Vote.

- President biden (@potus) January 20, 2022

"I am deeply disappointed that the Senate has failed to defend our democracy," reacted Joe Biden just after the vote.

"I'm disappointed - but I'm not discouraged," he said on Twitter, ensuring that he would not relax his efforts on this issue.

At its press conference a few hours before the vote, the US President had also pointed out not to have "exhausted all options" to protect access to African-American vote without giving more details.

Washington and Tehran are considering direct negotiations on nuclear .
© AFP U N Turning in the talks that drag in length to try to save the Iranian nuclear agreement? The Iran first considered Monday to negotiate directly with the United States, which immediately said to be ready for these "urgent" discussions. "Currently, Iran does not negotiate directly with the United States, but if during the negotiations, we arrive at a point where the conclusion of a good agreement with solid guarantees requires a certain level of discussions with the United States.

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