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13:40  21 january  2022
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Burkina Faso: Arrest of eight soldiers suspected of attempting

 Burkina Faso: Arrest of eight soldiers suspected of attempting © AFP / Issouf Sanogo Soldiers Burkinabe, during a training at Kamboinse military camp - General Bila Zagre, near Ouagadougo in Burkina Faso ( Illustration image). suspected of attempting to destabilize institutions, that is, coup d'etat, eight soldiers were arrested by the judicial military police, according to a military prosecutor's statement.

Thomas Sankara lors d'un défilé militaire à Ouagadougou le 4 août 1985 © Daniel Wool Thomas Sankara during a military parade in Ouagadougou on 4 August 1985

The trial of the assassins alleged from the former President Burkinabis Thomas Sankara , killed with twelve of his companions during a coup on October 15, 1987, between Monday in the phase of the requisites and the pleadings.

Here are the highlights of this trial, both expected by the families of the victims and supporters of Sankara, progressive leader and pan-African icon, which opened in October 2021 before the Ouagadougou military court and whose verdict is expected at the end of February.

Blaise Compaoré à Ouagadougou le 1er janvier 1985 © Eric Congo Blaise Compaoré in Ouagadougou on 1 January 1985

Two great absentees

Burkina: The government gives details on the presumed attempt by

 Burkina: The government gives details on the presumed attempt by © AFP - Olympia de Maismont Aimé Barthelemy Simpora, Minister Burkinabe of the armies (image of illustration). The Minister of Armées Aimé Barthelemy Simporaé came out of his silence to give information on the alleged attempt to destabilize the institutions of the Republic. Last Tuesday, the military prosecutor, in a statement, made state of the interpellation of several soldiers for suspicion of preparation for a coup.

on the first day of the trial, on October 11 - postponed October 25 after a day of hearing to allow the defense to better study certain files - twelve Fourteen accused are present, including General Gilbert, 61, one of the main leaders of the army at the Putsch of 1987.

Le général Gilbert Diendéré à l'ouverture du procès à Ouagadougou, le 11 octobre 2021 © Olympia of Maison General Gilbert to the opening of the trial in Ouagadougou, the 11 October 2021

The charges are: "complicity of assassinations", "concealment of corpses" and "attack on state security".

The main accused, the former Compaorus Blaise President, brought to power by this putsch and friend close to Sankara, is absent, his lawyers who denounced "a simulacre of trial" before "an exceptional court".

suspected of having been the sponsor of Sankara's assassination - what he has always denied - he was driven out of power in 2014 by the street and lives from Côte d'Ivoire.

USA: a major television service drops out the channel Pro-Trump Oan

 USA: a major television service drops out the channel Pro-Trump Oan © Alex Wong Chanel Rion, from Oan, to the White House, in April 2020 The DirectV subscription television service decided not to renew His contract with One America News Network (OAN), an ultra-conservative American chain, conspiracy and pro-donald Trump. "After a routine assessment internally, we informed Herring Networks (the OAN, NDLR owner) that we do not intend to sign again when the current expires," said a door? -PAROLE OF DIRECTV to AFP Friday.

Other great absent, Chief Warrant Officer Hyacinthe Kafando, former commander of the custody of Compaoré, on the run since 2016 and who is suspected of having led the commando that murdered Thomas Sankara and his companions.

The crushing majority of the accused present pleadful, including the General Doserage, who already serves a 20-year sentence in prison for a coup attempt in 2015.

they say it was a Attempt to arrest Sankara who has "badly turned", as a result of divergences with Blaise Compaoré "in the march of the revolution".


of former collaborators of the President killed behind the veil on the stretched relations between Blaise Compaore and Thomas Sankara, and on the existence of an "international plot" on a progressive leader who wanted to upset the order of the world and eradicate poverty in his country.

"The drama of October 15, 1987 has arrived under the pressure of certain heads of state, such as Félix Houphouët Boigny of Côte d'Ivoire", testifies Abdul Salam Kaboré, Minister of Sports Sankara.

Case Altrad: "Traffic of influence", "corruption", "bonal abuse", a police report Bernard Laporte

 Case Altrad: The synthesis of the BRDE highlights the possible pounds of the boss of the FFR in favor of the MHR President © Franck Pennant / AFP Bernard Laporte and Mohed Altrad are in the viewfits of the BRDE investigators.

heard in videoconferencing from France, former colonial power in Burkina, Moussa Diallo, Assassinated President's camp aid, ensures that the October 1987 events "were premeditated" and that President Houphouët Boigny, great friend of France, was "at the center of this plot".

Houphouët Boigny had told Thomas Sankara, "You have to change, if you do not change, we will change you," says Serge Theophile Balima, former director of Burkinabè television.

thirst for power

"Blaise Compaore wanted power. This is the creation of a unique political party that set fire to the powders", because Compaoré "did not want the unification of the organizations of the National Committee of the Revolution (CNR) "Who then runs the country, said during the Somé Survey, Burkinabe Politologist whose testimony was read at trial.

and according to a military commander, Blaise Sanou, "He who was addicted to power was Blaise Compaoré". "It is also because of this thirst for the power he wanted to modify the Constitution after 27 years of reign", which caused his fall in 2014.

Death of Gaspard Ulliel: The other skier was heard as Witness

 Death of Gaspard Ulliel: The other skier was heard as Witness in the collision, the actor would have been unbalanced and his head would have hit the ground, the snow. © Provided by FranceInfo The investigation continued Thursday, January 20 after the death Wednesday of Gaspard Ulliel following a collision with another skier in Savoie. The man, a lithuanian of forty years, was heard as a witness, says France blue country of Savoy . Other hearings must take place in the coming days.

as a suicide

"The death of Sankara S ' Apparent to a suicide, for he already knew what was waiting for him and he did not act, nor let act, to prevent that, "said Kaboré Boukary, then commander of the airborne intervention battalion.

responsible for its security, Famoro Ouattara, said that "President Thomas Sankara was made aware of the danger that weighed on his head", but "he never wanted someone to take up arms against Blaise compared until fateful day. It's as if he wanted to be killed. "

seven bullets in the thorax

"The impacts of bullets (on the Sankara body) are at the level of the thorax," said Robert welded, an anatomy expert. There were "at least seven impacts of bullets" including one "pulled in the back," he said.

A ballistic expert, the divisional commissioner Moussa Millogo, on his side asserted that the projectiles drawn were tracer bullets, because "at the level of the remains of the clothes of President Thomas Sankara, there were burns".


Trial of the Attacks of 13-November: Belgian Judge Anchors French lawyers .
© West-France / Franck Dubray The absence of a Belgian judge provoked the anger of lawyers. A Belgian investigating judge has indicated that it will not testify at the trial of the attacks of 13 November 2015. causing the anger of defense lawyers. The latter asked the President of the Court to insist, threatening if necessary request the removal of the trial. The position of Mrs Grégoire is taken as an arm of honor made to justice, is around me Christian Saint-Palais.

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