US News Kazakhstan: more than 450 arrests for terrorism and mass disorders after the violence that shook the country

18:00  22 january  2022
18:00  22 january  2022 Source:   francetvinfo.fr

Washington approves the release of five Guantanamo detainees

 Washington approves the release of five Guantanamo detainees © AFP L ES US approved the release of five additional detainees of the Guantanamo military prison, where are still detained 39 presumed prisoners complicit with terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda , according to official Pentagon documents consulted on Wednesday.

in total, 970 people accused of theft, public disorders or illegal possession of weapons were arrested as part of the investigations open after these violence.

  Kazakhstan : plus de 450 arrestations pour terrorisme et troubles de masse après les violences qui ont secoué le pays © Provided by FranceInfo

The Kazakh authorities announced on Saturday 22 January, having arrested more than 450 people for terrorism and mass disorders, after the deadly riots that shook this Central Asian country. In early Janiver, unprecedented events against an increase in energy prices had fired at a vast protest of power , enamelled by violence and hardly repressed by the executive. These clashes have made ,225 dead , hundreds of wounded and pushed President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to request the deployment of the Russian armed forces and their allies to restore order. More than 2,000 soldiers were launched in Kazakhstan to support the authorities, before retiring on January 19, once their mission is accomplished.

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According to a senior official of the Kazakh parquet, 464 suspects were arrested for terrorism and mass disorders as a result of riots. A total of 970 people accused of theft, public disorders or illegal possession of weapons were arrested in the surveys open after these violence, he said.

An internal struggle at the highest level of the country

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev accused "terrorists" formed according to him abroad to be behind the violence, without providing evidence. President Kazakh succeeded in 2019 in his mentor, Nursoultan Nazarbayev, who reigned an iron hand for three decades on the largest Central Asian country, with 19 million inhabitants.

The bloody crisis of January, however, highlighted the internal struggle at the top of the power. Unpublished, the new president took place at his predecessor in early January by accusing him of having favored the emergence of a "caste of rich" overlooking this state full of hydrocarbons. The influential "head of the nation", Nursoultan Nazarbayev, expressed Tuesday for the first time since the beginning of the crisis to make allegiance to the current president and ensure that there were "no conflict or confrontation within of the elite ". Several of the relatives of the former president, however, have been dismissed in recent days of key positions, and others have been incarcerated.

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