US News Toulouse: Who is the "Cannibal of the Pyrenees" and how could he escape?

18:40  22 january  2022
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Une histoire qui fait froid dans le dos. La semaine dernière, un homme surnommé © Christophe Archambault / AFP A story that is cold in the back. Last week, a man nicknamed "The Cannibal of the Pyrenees" tried to attack a woman in the center of Toulouse, who could be rescued by her neighbor. The aggressor had just escaped from the city's psychiatric hospital, where he had been interned in 2013.

It's a neighbor who managed to avoid the worst. Last Wednesday, Jérémy Rimbaud, nicknamed "The Cannibal of the Pyrenees", tried to attack a woman in the center of Toulouse . "She was constantly saying why he struck me? ', The bloody face and head, a pond of blood around her," says Nicolas Feuilleres, who intervened with a unloaded rifle. That day, he heard shouts and saw an encapuchoned man hit his septuagenarian neighbor with a stick. The abuser was none other than the patient interned in psychiatric hospital who managed to escape.

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The story of an ice cream

The neighbor, always glossy by the stage, explains his intervention at the microphone of Europe 1: "I repeated (at the aggressor) not to speak, not to move, to stay on the ground. That's not what he finally did. When he almost seized the cannon of my weapon, he told me 'go-there , Tire, complete me '. That's where I had to stop strokes to put it on the ground again. "

An investigation has been opened. The suspect was put to isolation and had distorted the team of the Toulouse Gérard-walnut psychiatric hospital on the day of aggression. A new act that revolts Jean Camy, another victim of the "Cannibale des Pyrenees", which had been struck by iron bar in 2013 before succeeding in fleeing, seriously injured in the shoulder. "I am very angry because I did not ask anyone and I find myself disabled," he says on Europe 1.

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"We should not see scenes like that, regrets an old victim

the victim man is marked for life by this aggression. "Eight years later, it starts again. Without lying, I slept an hour, and I'm on the who-live. As soon as I hear a noise, I look at. The wound will never clink, it's clear. We should not see scenes like this, "says Jean Camy. The farmer believes that his aggressor, who suffers from a serious form of schizophrenia, never had to leave the establishment of Cadillac, in which he was first interned and where are welcomed the most dangerous patients.

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the lack of means in the psychiatric services

How did a man so dangerous easily escape from 'a psychiatric structure? "I do not have the details of the case, but services everywhere in France have a heavy charge," says Antoine Pelissolo, head of the psychiatry department at Henri-Mondor Hospital in Créteil, near Paris. "The people we need to receive and ensure a form of security for a minority of them. Most of the time, the services are secure to the height of the needs, but there could have been a lack of Surveillance at one point ", he exposes to the Micro of Thierry Dagiral.

on Europe 1, Antoine Pelissolo adds that the Sanitary Background Current was able to accentuate the evil-being of Jeremy Rimbaud, "as is the case of many people. For two years, we have an exacerbation of the psychic suffering of Any type, "he notes, also highlighting the lack of means in the services. "The health system is very tense and psychiatry does not have necessary means. In a situation like this, we need a large number to accompany these people, partly to monitor them, and especially To heal themselves, "the head of the psychiatry department at Henri-Mondor Hospital in Créteil.

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