US News is the end of "Archive 81" much worse than expected? That's why Season 2 could still become gloomy

20:31  24 january  2022
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An archive for the climate crisis: Why scientists are building on an indestructible metal monolith, which is supposed to stand by the Australian coast

 An archive for the climate crisis: Why scientists are building on an indestructible metal monolith, which is supposed to stand by the Australian coast the oceans warm up, animal species die out, glaciers melting in the Arctic, the sea level rises and rises. In the advancing global warming, the future of humanity increases more and more of a gloomy dystopia at the same time. A new project named "Earth's Black Box" should now document the climate crisis for future generations and for the current company. The idea is to build a black box on the west coast of Tasmania, at the southern end of Australia.

the relay final of " archive 81 ". Waiting for a huge cliff hanger. After Resetted Doctorandin Melody ( Dina Shihabi ) from the other world, Archivar Dan ( Mamoudou Athie ) is stranded in 1994. While Melody was released and now even again with her physical mother ( Jacqueline Antaramian ) is re-enrolled, it looks far less rosy for Dan. In any case, it should not be easy for him to return home.

But the quasi-happy end for melody could be deceptive. At least there is an interesting fan theory that has now been produced by the I-User Uhlohaoi ...

is Melody of Kaelogo obsessed? According to the theory, Melody could be obsessed at the end of the first "archives 81" by Kaelego

, so the powerful demon, who prevails about the other world and who have tried the occult star groups to bring into our world to a new one To entrain order. In Melody's behavior, there is still no signs in the short moment after their salvation, yet there are otherwise valid indications. So uhlohaoi raises the legitimate question why Kaelego is only visible in the other world in mirrors, so also seems to be trapped there in a certain way. For if he is the ruler over this world, it would be much more logical if he just run around freely and appear directly.

allegations according to Kremlin "Sundlist": USA Throw Russia Preparations for Sabotage Acts in Ostukraine

 allegations according to Kremlin Russia wants to attack our own allies in Ukraine under "Wrong Flag", so US government officials. The aim is to justify an invasion. © Photo: DPA / AP / Andriy Andriyenko Ukrainian soldiers relate to the front line in the Donetsk region (archive image). Russia works according to the US government to create an excuse for an invasion of Ukraine.

, however, it is now that only Melody seems to see him in the mirror, but not Dan

when he comes to her scream in the room to get her out there (at least he does not respond to Kaelego). So could be that the mirror Kaelego is just a reflection of melody's inner and is the being long ago in it? Because if the demon apparently can take possession in the "real" world of bodies possession, why not (or just right) in his own?

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  Ist das Ende von © Netflix The whole thing would make any more understandable, why Kaelego worshiper Samuel ( Evan Jonnig

) Melody Dans unlocked and brings them back to our world. He might, unlike probably Melody himself, knew that she was obsessed and then wanted to put his plan inherently into action, to bring Kaelego to the real world. needed Kaelego a sooner?

On Mauritius, early rains cause the first floods

 On Mauritius, early rains cause the first floods © Abdoolah Earally / RFI floods in Mauritius (archive photo). Weathering arrived earlier than expected this year. Barely the end of the end of the year ended, part of the population was surprised by showers and its consequences: floods. Neither the inhabitants nor the authorities were prepared for the precocity of the summer rains.

At the same time, the theory could also explain why the previous Kaelego summonation attempts from Samuel and his predecessors have all went wrong.

So they are assumed that they need only one ordinary human victim for the appropriate ritual and Kaelegos shell. maybe in truth, however, would have been necessary in truth all the time the body of a timeline , one of the witches that trying to prevent Kaelego's entry into our world. As it turns out at the end of the first "archives 81" squadron, Melody is like her mother in front of her, a willing (without knowing that she knows about it). If the Melody / Kaelego guess is actually provincing, it could be even more on the game in Season 2 than in Season 1, after all, that's exactly what happens wanted to prevent the whole time. Not only Dan in the past would be in front of a big challenge, but also his comrades in the present, especially since one of them could become a threat itself.

Whether it really comes, we will find out in a second season of "Archive 81" - assuming Netflix continues the mystery horror series.

So far, the streaming service has not yet ordered new episodes

, but the currently great interest should be only a matter of time. What else could expect us on the basis of the turbulent relay finish, we have already speculated elsewhere: "Archive 81": the end explains - and what the mega-cliff slope for Season 2 means

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