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03:16  25 january  2022
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Anyone looking for the center in a foreign city follows signposts with inscriptions such as "center" or "old town". In Herzberg, however, visitors will be better looking for «Urbocentro». That means translated city center and is Esperanto.

Seit dem 12. Juni 2006 darf die Stadt Herzberg am Harz den Titel «die Esperanto-Stadt» führen. © Swen Pförner / DPA Since June 12, 2006, the city of Herzberg am Harz may lead the title "The Esperanto City".

Over 15 years ago, the city gave the name "The Esperanto City". The connection between Herzberg and the artificially created language, however, rises again.

In Herzberg, the Esperanto language is omnipresent. Already on the entrance sign it is called "Bonvenon" "Welcome". Information boards on trees or the history of the city are partially written in the language. In the local library there is a separate department for Esperanto books. "Especially from donations, the collection has now grown to 3000 books," says the chairman of the Esperanto-Gesellschaft Südharz (EGS), Peter Zilvar. In addition to documents about the development of the Esperanto language, translations, such as the children's book Max and Moritz or the Koran.

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«Esperanto gives us attention»

with Esperanto the city has a unique selling point in Germany and also in its own region. "Baths and mountain towns are already there many in the Harz," says Mayor Christopher Wagner (SPD). "Esperanto gives us attention." Even the newspaper «New York Times» have already written about Herzberg. However, the tourist potential of Esperanto is manageable, says the mayor. The topic is too small for this. But why is the small resin place then staged as an Esperanto city?

"That's out of town," Wagner said. Already in the mid-1950s, there were first Esperanto lessons in Herzberg. In 1976, the eggs founded. Herzberger students can learn the language in working groups and participate annually at a one-week language exchange with the partner city of Góra in Poland. In addition, there are regular congresses and also training courses for teachers in the place, which also lure international guests to Herzberg. The doner snack in the shopping street has therefore translated its offer on Esperanto. In 2006, the Council agreed on the namesake «Esperanto city».

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for Peace in the World

There are also an Esperanto square and a zamenhof place with a bust of the Polish Esperanto inventor Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof. He had created the language in the 19th century. According to estimates, up to two million people worldwide speak the language. The trained ophthalmologist pursued the ideal to contribute with a neutral language for international understanding to world peace. This also shows the Esperanto logo: a green, five-pointed star. He stands for hope and the five continents, says the EGS chairman Zilvar.

In any case, Esperanto made the city around a cafe richer: In 2007, Harald's chic and his partner Song Jeong-ok opened in the shopping street, ie the urbocentro, the Esperanto café. Particularly striking are your menus, all written in German, Esperanto as well as in a further language. The couple connects with Esperanto international exchange and relationships. They would have met on an Esperanto Congress. Only because of the name additive «Esperanto city» Be pulled to Herzberg to open a cafe there.

language unfolds connecting effect

How many people to Herzberg are drawn because of the connection with the language, the city can not quantify. "It always happens again," says the mayor, in whose office shelves a small Esperanto pennant stands. Despite the manageable tourist potential, Esperanto is an important part of the city.

The members of the Esperanto community would volunteer in urban festivals, says Zsófia Kóródy from the Interkultura Centro Herzberg - the Intercultural Center. At least in the resin location, the language unfolds that the connecting effect connected by its inventor. Kóródy says, "The people here consider Esperanto as part of their community."

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