US News VIRE of Disneyland Paris, the TV host Cyril Hanouna tells what it has made a problem ...

23:52  25 january  2022
23:52  25 january  2022 Source:   public.fr

COVID-19. A team of AFP assaulted in Paris during the anti-passenger manifestation

 COVID-19. A team of AFP assaulted in Paris during the anti-passenger manifestation © Photo: Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP Vaccalant opponents descended on the street, Saturday, January 15, 2022, in Paris and in several cities of France. They were 54,000 throughout France, according to the Ministry of the Interior. A team of the France-Presse agency was threatened with death and assaulted on Saturday, January 15, 2022, in Paris, during a vaccination anti-pass rally organized by the Patriotic Movement of Florian Philippot.

The hour was confidently for Cyril Hanouna this Tuesday, January 25, 2022 in 6 to 7 on C8. Facing Camera, Lino's dad and Bianca said he loved the Disney Universe. Unfortunately one of his meetings with a mascot of Disneyland Paris has fired at the drama ...

Viré de Disneyland Paris, l'animateur télé Cyril Hanouna raconte ce qu'il a fait de problématique... © Sebastien Fremont / Starface Vié de Disneyland Paris, the TV animator Cyril Hanouna tells what he has made of problematic ...

each Week, Cyril Hanouna is at the rendezvous to animate a new key number not at my post. FACE CAMERA, the PAF star knows perfectly fun with the gallery with all his team of columnists. On the C8 plateau, crispy anecdotes are not lacking. And that's not all ! Without sank, they analyze all the news surrounded by their guests. If good mood is always at the rendezvous, lively debates are not uncommon in the famous program. In addition, Benjamin Castaldi, Gilles Ideas or even Matthew Delormeau often take for their grade for the greatest happiness of viewers.

B & B Hotels still invited!

 B & B Hotels still invited! © Provided by Sports.co.uk Cycling - Paris-Roubaix: The B & B Hotels-KTM team again guest There will be six French teams from Paris-Roubaix, on April 17.

If in recent years Cyril Hanouna chained projects on TV, his priority remains above all his family life. In the city, he is the happy dad of two children named Lino and Bianca. "I feel that my children see me more like a brother than as their dad" (...) I do not do anything like his father, NDLR]! I had an appointment The other day to register them in a bilingual school. I was more anxious than if I had an appointment with a boss ", he confessed for GQ.

This Tuesday, January 25, 2022 for the 6 to 7, The Tranlion of the PAF has made amazing confidences about it. Like his offspring, the presenter is also a fan of the Disney Universe. "I'm crazy disney", entrusted Cyril Hanouna who loves the character of Donald. But one of his last trips to Disneyland Paris with his children turned to vinegar ... Reason? Cyril Hanouna would have violently played with a mascot of the parade. FACE CAMERA, the facilitator did not say if it were ICT or TAC. Intrigued by his ears, the main concern wanted to shoot. But the latter would not have let itself be done. On the contrary! According to his words, Cyril Hanouna had to leave the park with his family ... "We were fired" , regretted Cyril Hanouna, causing the general hilarity around him. Not cool!


Mercato. PSG: Tanguy Ndomele, why does it stuck? .
© AFP The arrival of Tanguy Ndomele in Paris SG will depend on the capability of the capital club to degrease part of its workforce by the end of the winter mercato. The former Lyonnais Tanguy Ndomele is close to join the PSG according to several sources. On the condition that the Capital Club succeeds in degreasing part of its workforce.

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