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11:34  26 january  2022
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RKI numbers from Sunday: Nationwide Corona incidence increases for the first time to over 500

 RKI numbers from Sunday: Nationwide Corona incidence increases for the first time to over 500 © iStockphoto The incidence value for corona new infections reach the third day in a row a maximum. The RKI announced the seven-day incidence on Sunday at 515.7. On Saturday it was 497,1 - on Friday at 470.6. The number of proven corona new infections gave the RKI on Sunday at 52,504. On Saturday she had stayed at 78,022 and on Friday was reached with 92,223 cases a new nationwide daily high.

of the Genosis status is reduced from six to three months, but this does not apply to the Bundestag. Now criticism of the special rule - both of experts, as well as deputies itself.

  Corona: Politiker kritisieren Bundestags-Sonderregel für Genesene © Kay Nietfeld / DPA

Since January 14, the Coronavirus has been subject to the Coronavirus infected in Germany only three instead of six months after the disease as recent . However, this does not apply to Members - a special rule continues to extend the genesen status for half a year. Legal experts and politicians now criticize the exception for the Bundestag deputies.

The FDP Health Expert Christine Aschenberg-Dugnus said the "Image" newspaper: "Special arrangements in the Bundestag can not give it." She demanded a change in the underlying general manager - if possible in the next few days.

former Afdler becomes the first center member of parliament since 1957

 former Afdler becomes the first center member of parliament since 1957 Berlin. For the first time since 1957, the Christian-Conservative Center Party is again represented by a deputy in the Bundestag. The Bundestag deputy Uwe Witt, who went out of the AfD in December, announced his change of party on Tuesday. © Bernd von Jutrczenka Uwe Witt at a plenary session in the German Bundestag (archive image). He is happy to "make Christian social and crowded politics for the Center Party in the German Bundestag," said Witt.

The constitutional rights expert Christian Hillgruber from the University of Bonn said that there is no justification for the "unequal treatment" of citizens and politicians: "Either the shortening of the genesen status is offered from a specialized sanitary point or not, deputy status or from.«

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»An impudence«

CSU country group boss Alexander Dobrindt sees it similar to: "Shorten the genesis status technically questionable to three months, but for the Bundestag at six months To leave is an impudence. "In addition to CSU and FDP, the AFD had already criticized the decision of the Bundestag that the genesen status in parliament should continue to be six months.

New highs for corona new infections and incidence

 New highs for corona new infections and incidence while infectious numbers break a record after another, the debate continues to pass the appropriate pandemic rules. The Robert Koch Institut (RKI) gave the number of new infections over the past 24 hours on Wednesday morning with 112,323. This exceeded the value for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic the brand of 100,000.

The new rules for participation in meetings in the Bundestag were decided on January 10 - ie four days before the genesen status had been shortened to the recommendation of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for three months. The Bundestag had on 13 January to leave the decision to the RKI.

A shortening of the genesen status in the plenary hall would make particularly AFD politicians, as many of them refuse information about their vaccination status or reject the vaccine. According to the current regulation, the plenary hall applies the 2G plus rule: Anyone who wants to attend meetings in the Bundestag must be twice-paid or recovered - and show a negative coronatest. Without current negative proof of attention, boomed and carpved geneses are allowed.

The Federal Ministry of Health established the shortening of the genesen status with the omikron variant of the virus. The determination of the RKI is done from a scientific view. Background is that due to the prevailing omikron variant, a much greater risk insisted to re-ill for this time or to be a transfer. The previous period of six months had been kept, as long as it had to deal with the prevailing delta variant. The RKI explained: "These specifications are regularly reviewed and may change in accordance with the state of science."

of genesen status, as well as the vaccine status, is decisive for quarantine and entry rules as well as numerous leisure activities.

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