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19:11  27 january  2022
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More than half of the Germans against Olympia in China

 More than half of the Germans against Olympia in China for more than half of the Germans could not have been forgiven in a good two-week Olympic Winter Games to be awarded to China. This is apparent from a survey carried out on the weekend of the opinion research institute Yougov. © Zhang Tao / Xinhua / dpa For more than half of the Germans, the Olympic Winter Games could not have been awarded to China. Accordingly, 59 percent of the Germans surveyed are that they could not have given the games to Beijing.

The EU is presenting with a new WTO procedure against China. Reason are trading restrictions that Beijing had adopted for a diplomatic dispute against the Member State of Lithuania.

Die EU hat im Handelskonflikt zwischen Litauen und China ein Verfahren gegen China eingeleitet. © uncredited / quinatopix / dpa The EU has launched a procedure against China in the trade conflict between Lithuania and China.

These are not compatible from the European point of view to the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and also affect other exports from the EU internal market. Also affected are German companies, which want to talk about concern for possible retaliatory measures but not publicly talking about it.

"Worked well": Gebauer praises new Lollitest Procedure

 despite many breakdowns The strongly increased Corona infection numbers after the Christmas holidays employ the school committee on Wednesday in North Rhine-Westphalian Landtag. Minister of Education Yvonne Gebauer (FDP) reports about the current situation in the pandemic. © DPA Yvonne Gebauer (FDP) In the school committee session First, Gebauer carries the numbers: 2.9 percent of the students could not participate in the lessons last week, which was a slight increase compared to the previous w

"China animates multinational companies to give up the use of Lithuanian components in their production, as they could otherwise be exposed to import restrictions," explained the competent EU Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis on Thursday. Since December 1, the Chinese customs have also been ensuring that Lithuania was no longer on the Chinese market. At the same time, Chinese companies canceled orders in Lithuania. In addition, Chinese exports were restricted to Lithuania.

Exports stuck Fest

According to the Federal Association of German Industries, German exports to the People's Republic are currently stuck with suppliers from Lithuania on the border and do not reach German joint venture companies in China.

as the reason for the Chinese approach is believed that Lithuania has expanded its diplomatic relations with Taiwan by making Taiwan enabled to open a representative office under its own name in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. China reacted to it, because it looks at the democratic Taiwan as a renegade province and not as an independent state.

UN-China and Russia timer on a US project to sanction North Korea

 UN-China and Russia timer on a US project to sanction North Korea North-Missile Korea / UN (Photo, TV): UN-China and Russia timer on a US project to sanction North Korea by Michelle Nichols United Nations, 21 January (Reuters) - China and Russia obtained Thursday the postponement of the United Nations a proposal from the United States to sanction five North Korean nationals after the missile tests performed By Pyongyang, who suggested that he could resume nuclear tests, reported diplomats.

Video: Corona Summit: These rules are valid from December 28 (DPA)

China shows allegations back

the accusation that it is the Baltic country with trading restrictions Acraft, Beijing rejects. The codes are "unfounded and contradict the facts," Zhao Lijian said, a spokesman for the Beijing Foreign Ministry. It is a purely political and not an economic examination. Zhao also spoke of a "bilateral affair" between China and Lithuania.

"We hope that the EU is correctly distinguished from wrong and vigilant to Lithuania's attempt remains to take the relationship between China and the EU as a hostage," he said. Lithuania should return to the "right way" and hold on to the one-china principle, what Taiwan and China belong together.

As a first step in the WTO procedure, consultations with China are now provided. If these are denied or failed by Beijing, the EU could bring the case in front of an arbitral tribunal. This in turn could then allow the EU to impose retaliatory measures such as criminal tariffs on Chinese imports.

The United States suspends 44 flights to China in retaliation for health restrictions imposed by Beijing

 The United States suspends 44 flights to China in retaliation for health restrictions imposed by Beijing © VCG / VCG via Getty Images to avoid contamination, Chinese crews are subject to drastic procedures, as evidenced by the images on social networks. The United States announces the suspension of 44 flights to China by Chinese companies, as of January 30th. A decision that follows the suspension by China of American flights due to COVID infections.

Hope for Lithuania

A disadvantage for Lithuania is that there would be a possible arbitration procedure at least until the coming year and the consequences of Chinese measures were ultimately enormous. Thus, the Chinese customs statistics according to EU data in December had a decline in trade between Lithuania and China by 91 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

The Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis was still pleased with the EU procedure. "We welcome the European Commission's decision to construct consultations with China on behalf of the EU.» The EU has sent the clear embassy to China that they would not tolerate a politically motivated economic forced.

hope for Lithuania that the EU's ongoing work can quickly be completed in a new trade-policy retaliatory instrument. It would empower the Commission to adopt trade or investment restrictions against third countries, which inadmissantly intervene in the EU's political decisions or Member States.

China: In Beijing, Olympic Games 100% Artificial Snow .
© AP - Andy Wong Nearly 300 snow guns will bomb the Yanqing and Zhangjiakou Olympic slopes northwest of the Chinese capital during these winter games . According to a report published by researchers from the English University of Loughborough, the Olympic Games and winter sports in general would be threatened by global warming. The absence of precipitation will not preclude the kickoff of the Beijing Olympics on February 4, but with trails made up of artificial snow.

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