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23:49  27 january  2022
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Do you know this? You are looking for a flight to a specific holiday destination - and then get only connecting connections displayed. A direct flight would be so much more practical and faster. An up-to-date analysis based on skyscanner searches now shows the most sought-after planes from Germany, but they are not operated.

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In Germany there are 15 international traffic airports, of which hundreds of destinations are served throughout the world. Not every airport serves the same goals, and some destinations are not immediately served directly from Germany. To find out, according to which climbing routes travelers from Germany especially long, the flight search portal "Skyscanner" has performed an analysis of the so-called "ourved Routes". Specifically, on the basis of the search queries in 2021, it was investigated by which airports want to depart travelers and how big the demand for certain direct flights is.

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The 10 most-classified climbing routes from Germany

on # 1 of the most wanted route is the connection Berlin-Zanzibar. Worldwide, it is even the second mostly requested uninhiscent direct connection. In general, the 2020 opened capital airport Berlin Brandenburg appears particularly often in the ranking, namely six times. "The data clearly shows that demand for direct flights from the capital airport is very large and skyrocketed 2021," Skyscanner writes in an press release for analysis. The yearning for a nonstop flight from Germany to Bali also seems great: The Indonesian Island appears three times in the German list of top 10 non-operated flight routes.

The top 10 of the most visited closed routes from Germany at a glance

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place Departure airport Airport 1.

Berlin Brandenburg

Zanzibar 2. Munich Phuket (Thailand) 3.

Frankfurt am Main

Bali (Indonesia) 4.


Bali (Indonesia) 5. Berlin Brandenburg Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) 6.

Berlin Brandenburg

Bali (Indonesia) 7.

Berlin Brandenburg

Bogotá (Colombia) 8.

Berlin Brandenburg

Miami International (USA) 9. Berlin Brandenburg Neu-Delhi (India) 10. Frankfurt am Main Manila ( Philippines) Zanzibar is also one of the world's most wanted-minded aircraft

you could use the data of Skyscanner almost my, Zanzibar is currently an absolute trend destination. Because not only from Germany it is one of the most appreciated climbing routes, but also from the Polish capital Warsaw and Austria's capital Vienna.

Also striking: Warsaw dives in the top 10 of the non-operated airlines, which were searched for 2021 worldwide, a total of four times as a departure airport.

The top 10 of the non-operated tourist routes worldwide at the overview place Departure airport destination airport 1. Warsaw Zanzibar 2. Berlin Brandenburg Zanzibar 3rd Vienna Zanzibar 4. Warsaw Bali (Indonesia) 5. Warsaw Maldives 6. Manchester Bali (Indonesia) 7. Warsaw Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) 8. Munich Phuket (Thailand) 9. Budapest Cancún (Mexico) 10. Dublin Cancún (Mexico)

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