US News An exhibition of caricatures from Yasser Arafat removed from a Palestinian museum after a polemic

06:10  28 january  2022
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For many young Palestinians, the landmark Oslo accord, which Yasser Arafat signed with Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin 25 years ago on Thursday, was a betrayal that has only consolidated Israel's occupation © AFP / file for Many Young Palestinians, The Landmark Oslo Accord, Which Yasser Arafat Signed With Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin 25 Years Ago on Thursday, WAS A BETRAYAL THAT ONLY CONSOLIDATED ISRAEL'S OCCUPATION

Since its inauguration, Sunday, January 23, at the Yasser-Arafat Foundation of Ramallah, the exhibition "Caricatures, Palestine and Arafat" made controversial, especially on social networks. The organizers ended up withdrawing the caricatures on the following Monday.

with our correspondent in Ramallah, Alice Grouse

in front of the Arafat Foundation, there is no one. No more caricature to see. Monday, after popular pressure, Fatah executives, the ruling party, went to the museum to remove the exaggerating portraits of the traits of the former Palestinian leader. These 43 caricatures of the deceased Palestinian leader, recognizable by his black and white Keffieh, are insulting, offensive to Yasser Arafat, consider some Palestinians and Fatah members.

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"Low quality"

"I think the work exposed was anyway low quality. The exhibition clearly failed to supervise and good management, estimates an old employee of the Arafat Foundation. Yasser Arafat is a national figure, which must be respected while these caricatures come from the museum that bears its name is very frustrating. It says it: The problem does not come from caricatures only, which allow artists to express their political opinion through drawings, but the responsibility of the museum itself. The fact that some of the Palestinian caricaturists have not been invited to participate in exposure or varnishing, because of their political affiliation, had also sparked criticism.

"Working more"

"They could have, at least, work more to be aware of the local context, culture, standards, the values ​​of the Palestinians, does it judge. And they did not even think about giving the public the keys to understanding caricatures with legends explaining why, for example, Yasser Arafat was drawn in camel. They left the audience with a single option: that of seeing these caricatures as disrespectful.

Because with worn leadership and a Palestinian authority which is no longer representative, many Palestinians still see Yasser Arafat as the only leader having solidified Palestinian resistance.

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