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forecast. So the weather at Easter 2022

 forecast. So the weather at Easter 2022 is currently stormy and wet cold in Germany, a real April shroud. But for Easter, however, a mildable bunny could put better weather in the nest. © Diephosi / iStock Easter egg In the snow of April presents itself right from the beginning - who is wondering? - as a real meteorological wound bag . Overall, the little irritates to move in front of the front door. And then there is now Easter in front of the door.


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Easter lamb baking: With these tips and tricks you can play the traditional Easter pastry.

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For many families, it must not be missing to the Easter breakfast : the Easter lamb. The cute pastry has a particular importance compared to other typical, esque baked goods such as yeast hotties or Rübickuchen also a special meaning: For many centuries, the lamb is the symbol of the Easter time, in the believers Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. For many years, the tradition has developed to bake a so-called Easter bread that has the shape of a lamb. However, what most do not know: According to old custom, the lamb is already baked to the Gründonnerstag and taken into the church at Easter. If it is then finally tried to the Easter breakfast, then most of the most popular pure or in the coffee dot, the classic bond of the sweet Easter Lamb is wonderfully juicy.

full hotels on Easter on Mallorca

 full hotels on Easter on Mallorca Mallorca awaits Easter for the first time since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic a good two years ago full hotels. © Clara Margais / DPA Sun, Beach and Sea: People on the water The summer temperatures. The capacity utilization will be between 8 and 18 April, taking into account the last-minute bookings of more than 85 percent, the hotelier association of the Spanish Holiday Island (Fehm) said.

It is best kept cool and covered, so you can easily enjoy it for a few days. Alternatively, the pastry can also be completely freezed, so it thawed almost as fresh as just baked. And if you want to take a slightly different version of the Easter Lamb, you will quickly find it in the network: Whether with marbling or tips with a dash of eggnog in the dough - the prescription diversity of the Easter Lamb has grown lush over the years.

We stay with the classic this year and show you a recipe for a traditional Easter lamb from Theresa Baumgartner's new book "Spring awakening". Have fun booking!

& Ingredients for an Easter Lambs Form 2 Eggs 1 Tl Water 1 pinch of sea salt 80 g Bright Rohrorzucker 1 packet Bourbon vanilla sugar 80g spelled flour, Type 630 Zum Dust: Something seven powdered sugar Something butter and fine bread baking for the formThe Easter Lamb: This is how it is really juicy

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Easter vacationers push the coast: Start of the season

 Easter vacationers push the coast: Start of the season with the start of the holidays in many federal states, including North Rhine-Westphalia, many easter holidayers traveled to the coast on the weekend and traveled to the islands. The ferry companies had set themselves on many guests and therefore partly planned additional ferry connections - yet the rush was so great that about the ferry terminal for the ferries to Langeoog in Bensersiel was formed on Saturday long snakes.

Both halves of the lamb shape Before assembly, grease with butter and spread evenly with the breadcrumbs. Clamp the non-adhering crumbs and exhaust. Assemble the shape. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C (circulating air).

separate the eggs. The egg whites puffed with the water and salt in the food processor. If it is very stiff, slowly drain the sugar and the vanilla sugar, stirring further. As soon as the mass is creamy white, the egg yolks are added one after the other. Gradually sift the flour on the dough and carefully fold in with a large whisk.

fill the dough into the mold. First give 2 tablespoons into the head. Move the dough slightly with a teaspoon, so that air bubbles can escape from the little ears and they are also filled with dough. Then fill the lamb form to 3/4 with the dough and place in the hot oven.

Bake the Easter Lammer 30 minutes (sheet metal shape) or 1 hour (sound form). Then get the baking dish out of the oven and allow to cool slightly. To release the lamb opening the closure, place the shape on one side and carefully lift the above mold half. Then carefully remove the lamb from the second half of the mold. Dust in warm condition with powdered sugar.

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A tip from cookbook author Theresa Baumgärtner: For a particularly white sheep, dust the pastry with powdered sugar as soon as it is cooled. Especially pretty, the lambs look at a narrow fabric strap and a bell around the neck.

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Editorial. The Easter Call .
© Reuters Pope Francis, Sunday, April 10, celebrated the mass of branches Square Saint-Pierre in the Vatican. In Europe, Jews and Christians celebrate Easter in peace. But in Ukraine, the war destroys and kills. Pope Francis calls for a truce of Easter. Easter means passage of slavery to freedom for the Hebrews, death to life for Christians. It is necessary to seek peace but to be strong, it must be based on justice and truth.

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