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13:10  16 april  2022
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forecast. So the weather at Easter 2022

 forecast. So the weather at Easter 2022 is currently stormy and wet cold in Germany, a real April shroud. But for Easter, however, a mildable bunny could put better weather in the nest. © Diephosi / iStock Easter egg In the snow of April presents itself right from the beginning - who is wondering? - as a real meteorological wound bag . Overall, the little irritates to move in front of the front door. And then there is now Easter in front of the door.

suddenly stands Easter in front of the door and somehow you are not in mood yet? These three tips will help you

Oster-Stimmung istock © iStock Easter Atmosphere iStock

Our lives have been limited to home office, walks and from time to Corona on home office, walks and from time to time. In so little variety, the days blur into each other and the weekend does not distinguish greatly from the weekdays. Now holidays are coming to the door and we remember: We used to be much more happy about Easter. These very simple tips will help you to get in an instant in Osterlaune.

1. Bye Bye HomeOffice

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Bahn: More travel trees at Easter and plan against funklöchers

 Bahn: More travel trees at Easter and plan against funklöchers In view of the travel wave in the Easter holidays, Deutsche Bahn wants to increase their staff at four particularly heavily frequented main stations on the Easter holidays. © Marijan Murat / DPA / Archive Travel by train is to become more comfortable: initially thanks to more travel trips at Easter, medium term by better mobile phone reception on the routes.

Have you also set up a workplace on the kitchen table or lie down anywhere? Clean everything away. In the next few days you can not remember the work. So they would not come in Easter mood and would also be endangered to constantly do little to-dos. Please leave the screen, laptop, charging cable, paper and co..

2. Emergency deco

The shops have to and also in the flower shop around the corner is far and wide no grease to see. Do you miss the decoration this year? Then you are like us. Fortunately, there are beautiful and simple decoration ideas that can be implemented quickly and look great. Our favorite: go to the garden and cut off a few branches. You can then put them in a high vase and decorate with easter eggs or paper butterflies.

3. It smells wonderfully

nothing will put you (and your loved ones) so fast in a special festive atmosphere than the smell of fresh cakes. The baking is equal to three great advantages: When editing the dough you come down and can leave the past working days behind it, it's fun to create a bit delicious together with the children or the partner, the scent flows through the whole apartment and pleases the Senses and last but not least, they have conjured some delicious for the Easter brunch. Are you still looking for inspiration? How about Easter cookies or the classic yeast header (also works without yeast )?

Editorial. The Easter Call .
© Reuters Pope Francis, Sunday, April 10, celebrated the mass of branches Square Saint-Pierre in the Vatican. In Europe, Jews and Christians celebrate Easter in peace. But in Ukraine, the war destroys and kills. Pope Francis calls for a truce of Easter. Easter means passage of slavery to freedom for the Hebrews, death to life for Christians. It is necessary to seek peace but to be strong, it must be based on justice and truth.

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