US News Ukraine: Viktor Orban advocates Russian-American talks

20:20  23 july  2022
20:20  23 july  2022 Source:   leparisien.fr

"Incomprehensible with EU": Fractions in the EU Parliament condemn orban expressions as "openly racist"

 after racist statements and Holocaust allusions is convicted by almost all EU fractions. He would "trample" on the values ​​of the EU. © Photo: Theresa Wey/AP/dpa Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, against the background of a controversial speech by the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, pointed out that "racist discrimination" is not compatible with the Union's values.

Le dirigeant nationaliste et ultra-conservateur de 59 ans a également abordé © Attila Kisbenedek The nationalist and ultra-conservative leader of 59 years also addressed "the other challenges that Hungary is confronted", in particular migration and defended his vision of 'A "non -mixed Hungarian race", in a speech at the summer university of Baile Tusnad, in Romanian Transylvania, where a major Hungarian community resides. Viktor Orban called on talks this Saturday between the United States and Russia to find a way out of the war in Ukraine. "We are sitting in a car whose four tires are punctured," he said about the conflict, judging that he "would never have burst if Donald Trump was still at the head of the United States and Angela Merkel German Chancellor ”. The sanctions, with a devastating economic impact, "will not modify the situation" and "the Ukrainians will not come out victorious," said Mr. Orban. Ditto for deliveries of military equipment: "The more the West sends powerful weapons, the more the war is dragged". The ambiguous position of Hungary "a new strategy is necessary, which should focus on peace negotiations instead of wanting to win the war," added the official. The EU, he insisted, "should not be put on the side of the Ukrainians, but position itself" between the two camps. According to him, "only Russian-American talks will be able to end the conflict because Russia wants security guarantees" that only Washington can provide. Viktor Orban, who liked to display before the invasion of Ukraine his good understanding with Russian President Vladimir Putin, condemned the offensive but he maintains an ambiguous position. If he voted the sanctions alongside his EU partners, his criticisms are increasingly harsh against the backdrop of an energy crisis and deterioration of the economic situation.

War in Ukraine: what must be remembered from the day of Tuesday July 26 .
Europeans have allied themselves to reduce their energy consumption for a rough winter, marked by the reductions in gas deliveries from of Russia. © supplied by Franceinfo in Europe, in a context of War in Ukraine , winter 2022-2023 is now preparing in the energy field. Tuesday, July 26, the European Union energy ministers agreed in Brussels so that their countries reduce their gas consumption in a coordinated manner .

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