US News opinion: The gas crisis can be an opportunity for Germany

19:00  29 july  2022
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This comes to consumers and companies: EU Commission presents a plan for possible gas emergency before

 This comes to consumers and companies: EU Commission presents a plan for possible gas emergency before A Russian gas delivery stop would be noticeable in Europe. To be prepared, the EU Commission is now presenting suggestions. © Photo: Picture Alliance/DPA/Stephan Jansen A gas meter The European Union is preparing for a possible gas crisis in Europe. This Wednesday, the EU Commission in Brussels will present an emergency plan on how to react to failures for gas deliveries . [You can get all the latest news about the Russian attack on Ukraine live with the Tagesspiegel app on your cell phone.

threatens a bitter winter with high gas prices and deep recession? These horrors are currently being painted in tabloids. But the sometimes self -inflicted crisis also offers opportunities, says Martin Muno.

Energiesparen konkret: In Berlin wird die Siegessäule nicht mehr beleuchtet © Paul Zinken/dpa/picture Alliance Energy saving in concrete terms: In Berlin, the victory column is no longer illuminated

is the "Bibber-Winter" threatened in Germany, as the country's largest boulevard newspaper writes? So do people have to freeze because they can no longer pay their gas bill? Is there a larger economic crisis due to the enormous price increases ?

Shortly, reads, hear or look at news at the moment, there is a crisis mood. The Russian war of attack on Ukraine mercilessly disagrees, which has been done, failed or neglected in the past decades. Just as the beginning of Corona pandemic showed the failures in health and education and digitization.

Gas deliveries by Pipeline Nord Stream 1 announced

 Gas deliveries by Pipeline Nord Stream 1 announced After the end of a routine expectation, gas deliveries through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline are announced for Thursday. This emerges from preliminary data from the network operator Gascade from Wednesday afternoon. © Jens Büttner/dpa The gas reception station of the Baltic Seepeline Nord Stream 1. Gascade operates the two reception points of Nord Stream 1 in Vorpommer Lubmin. According to the Gascade website, gas deliveries are preserved for both points.

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to resign or to fall into an "everything" populism. If the signs of the times are recognized and action arises from it, the crisis can also grow an opportunity.

natural gas: A precious estate

Because it is now obvious to all of us: natural gas is an finite and precious estate, with which you should avoid sparingly. This applies to all fossil fuels. And this deficiency has already been noticed - see gasoline price - in your own wallet and will continue to notice it.

and actually we also know that we have bumbled the long -decreasing switch to renewable energy - keyword climate change . The previous government under Chancellor Angela Merkel had repeatedly propagated this energy transition. However, little has happened - far too little.

This is why natural gas is so important for Germany

 This is why natural gas is so important for Germany After mineral oil, natural gas in Germany is the second most important energy source. The flammable, natural gas mixture is stored underground and often occurs together with petroleum because both arise in a similar way. Gas serves to generate electricity, as a fuel for ships and motor vehicles or as a heat supplier. Around half of German households use natural gas to cover the heat requirement. © Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa gas flame in a instantaneous water heater.

Why do you need a wind turbine in front of the window when the gas from Russia flocked reliably? And so Germany has always increased its dependence on Russian gas a little more over the past decades. It has long been known that Russia had repeatedly used gas in the dispute with his neighbors as a weapon and turned the rooster in the winter months.

The goal: Rapidly becoming climate -neutral the chance that results from the current crisis is to expand the renewable energies as quickly as possible and, before 2045, to become the government to become climate -neutral. Because wind, sun and water are also available when dictators move into wars.

This project requires a social effort. But it has never been easy to save the world. And as necessary, we have only learned this day: On July 28th

, we have already used up the natural resources of the earth for the whole year. And if we don't want to miss the 1.5-grade climate target, we can only burn CO2 as usual for almost seven years. For the next few months, however, this is not a way out. How big the current pressure to act is already shown by the fact that with Robert Habeck, of all things, a green minister for a transition period to more coal -fired power plants.

Gazprom lowers delivery by north stream 1 to 20 percent

 Gazprom lowers delivery by north stream 1 to 20 percent The Russian gas company Gazprom further reduces deliveries through the Baltic Seepeline Nord Stream 1. © Stefan Sauer/dpa pipe systems in the gas reception station of the Baltic Seepeline Nord Stream 1. of July 27 (Wednesday), at 6:00 a.m. CEST, 20 percent or 33 million cubic meters of gas would flow to Germany every day through the most important supply management, the company announced on Monday. The reason is the repair of another turbine, it said.

help for the arms and energy saving - even for democracy

The next winter will certainly be more uncomfortable than that before. But panicking is the wrong way. The right thing is to tackle the joint task together. The slogan of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, "You'll Never Walk Alone", must follow corresponding deeds. This includes heating grants for people with low incomes as well as requirements against waste of energy - such as heating private swimming pools. Nobody should really have to freeze.

This also includes that all sensible suggestions are implemented for saving energy, such as a speed limit or more home office. We need more conscious use of energy. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has already started: his Berlin official residence Bellevue is no longer illuminated at night.

Saving and helping - going through this winter is the social task that orchestrates from politics, but must be mastered together by us. Already gather right -wing populists to take advantage of the emergency for their lower goals. Your views of protests are aimed at the dissatisfied and suspended. If that would fall on fertile soil, that would be fatal. Because our democracy is more important than cozy one or two more degrees in the apartment.

Author: Martin Muno

former Chancellor Schröder for commissioning from Nord Stream 2 .
ex-federal chancellor Gerhard Schröder recommends commissioning the north stream pipeline in view of the gas crisis. «She is ready. If it gets really tight, this pipeline is available, and with both Nord-Stream pipelines there would be no supply problem for German industry and German households, »said the SPD member in an interview with the magazine“ Stern ”and the broadcaster "RTL/NTV".

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