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22:40  29 july  2022
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Criticism of Kretschmer: "Your pordering to war criminal Putin is disgusting"

 Criticism of Kretschmer: Germany, according to the Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU), has to take a broker role in the war against Ukraine . The head of government justified this on Tuesday primarily with the size of the country and its history. One has been very involved in the European network, but together with France, the USA and other countries, they have to play a central role in solving the conflict. "We have to stand up for this war frozen." © dpa Michael Kretschmer (CDU), Prime Minister of Saxony (

world-class handball player Nikola Karabatic criticizes the German handball Bundesliga for the strenuous schedule. HBL boss Frank Bohmann rejects the French criticism.

Liga-Boss kontert Karabatics Kritik © provided by Sport1.de League boss Counts Karabatic's criticism

This hard criticism cannot be left alone.

world-class handball player Nikola Karabatic shot against the German handball Bundesliga .

The Frenchman, who had played for the THW Kiel between 2005 and 2009, advised Top players from a change to the HBL: "At the moment I can not recommend a player to go to a top club in the Bundesliga."

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DLV head coach Stein rejects criticism

 DLV head coach Stein rejects criticism Germany Athletics chief coach Annett Stein rejected the criticism of the team size at the World Cup in Eugene. © Michael Kappeler/dpa chief coach of the German Athletics Association: Annett Stein. In a report on the website of the German Athletics Association, she referred to the international framework and that all nominated athletes would have met the access requirement.

a statement that Frank Bohmann cannot understand. The managing director of the handball Bundesliga speaks in conversation with Handball World of a "very one-sided recommendation".

"For him it was certainly the best decision to go to the THW Kiel at the time," emphasized Bohmann.

Bohmann finds Karabatic criticism covered

Karabatic also spoke of the fact that the clubs and those responsible would deliberately endanger the health of the players with the closely linked game plan.

This criticism also finds Bohmann exaggerated. “I expressly contradict him on the point that clubs, coaches or managers subordinate the health of the players to sporting success. That would be human and economically the wrong decision. ”

Bohmann also doubted that the HBL described by Karabatic as a hard league really harms the players sustainably. "Nikola does not seem to have been" burned up "at a young age either, otherwise his career, which had already lasted 20 years, would have hardly been possible."

LEG boss sees hard times to get to tenants

 LEG boss sees hard times to get to tenants Germany's second largest private real estate group LEG, the tenant agrees with hard times. © Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa Lars von Lackum, CEO of the real estate group LEG. "I believe that in the current war situation of the population in Germany, it must be made clear that there is now waiver," Leg boss Lars from Lackum told the "Handelsblatt". "And that will be a waiver of heat - you have to clearly say that politically." Possiping an additional sweater in your own four walls may not be enough.

The serious injuries only suffered in Germany after his time. Despite the defendant, the Frenchman had never injured himself more seriously in the HBL.

"It is the strongest league in the world"

at the point of the overall high stress, Bohmann Karabatic still agreed: "But that the strain in the handball Bundesliga is high is undisputed."

He added with a wink Karabatic's last stations in Spain and France added: "It is the strongest league in the world".

in no other league is required every weekend, since there is no such density of top teams in any other country.

European associations only competitive

This density of top clubs would also need the league in order to continue to be competitive internationally.

"Nikola's salary in Barcelona or Paris was not financed by the games of his teams, but by the Qatarisches State Fund or through the football department of FC Barcelona."

is similar with the other top teams of the Champions League from Poland, Hungary , North Macedonia or in the future from Norway. These are only competitive "by alimentation on the third side".

The high burden on handball professionals will probably remain an issue in the future. This is also why many top stars emigrate from the HBL. The words of Karabatic should therefore not completely ignore the handball managers despite the rejection.

CDU boss: Merz and the question of who recently Cancel .
The CDU boss likes to criticize a supposed "Cancel Culture", ie the cancellation of events. And now triggers a true Cancel cascade. © IMAGO CDU boss Friedrich Merz holds Merz and the question of who Chann You don't have to share everything that the World prints, but a week ago, it has to be said, it is a prophetic Master piece. "Cancel Culture spills to Europe," said the newspaper, including an interview with CDU boss Friedrich Merz.

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