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15:51  30 july  2022
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Ukraine-Zelensky denies being sick, accuses Russian hackers of broadcasting false news

 Ukraine-Zelensky denies being sick, accuses Russian hackers of broadcasting false news Ukraine-crise/Zelensky-Santé (photo): Ukraine-Zelensky denies being sick, accuses Russian hackers of distributing false new kyiv, 21 July (Reuters) - President Volodimir Zelensky posted a video on Instagram on Thursday to reassure the Ukrainians on his state of health after the dissemination of what he described as false news by Russian "hackers".

  Près de Kharkiv, des Ukrainiens commencent une difficile reconstruction © AFP

g Alyna Kios and his family survived terrified in a dark basement, cooking on a makeshift wood stove, while the Russian troops took possession of the village, in northeast of Ukraine.

Mala Rogan, located about thirty kilometers from the Russian border, was captured two weeks after the start of the war on February 24.

"You have to leave because we need the whole street," said a Russian soldier to Ms. Kios, she recalls before the soldiers occupied his house.

The occupation was however only short -lived, the Russians withdrawing from the area after two weeks of fierce fighting, which were enough to leave the street of Galyna Kios in ruins.

Ukraine: Viktor Orban advocates Russian-American talks

 Ukraine: Viktor Orban advocates Russian-American talks © Attila Kisbenedek The nationalist and ultra-conservative leader of 59 years also addressed "the other challenges that Hungary is confronted", in particular migration and defended his vision of 'A "non -mixed Hungarian race", in a speech at the summer university of Baile Tusnad, in Romanian Transylvania, where a major Hungarian community resides. Viktor Orban called on talks this Saturday between the United States and Russia to find a way out of the war in Ukraine.

"I saw what they had done at my house, what was left of it," said this 67 -year -old woman, widow and mother of four, while philosopulating: "Material goods are not worth the life".

"I am happy that, by the will of God, I am alive. All that is lost is material, we can rebuild it," she adds, remembering what she thought that day .

Since then, she has been handling the shovel and the broom, clears and cleans like thousands of Ukrainians returning to their released but ruins.

armored carcasses in the Kharkiv region, where Mala Rogan is located, 90% of the dwellings were destroyed in the Russian occupation areas, according to local authorities.

There are a little less than a dozen houses in the dusty street of Galyna Kios, and each carries the traces of the battle -roofs disappeared, facades raised by bursts of shells or gunfire fire , pieces of walls torn off.

First Irpin, then Kyiv: Faeser and Heil as a guest in Ukraine

 First Irpin, then Kyiv: Faeser and Heil as a guest in Ukraine Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser and Minister of Social Affairs Hubertus Heil (both SPD) on Monday for a visit to Ukraine. At the start of their trip, the SPD politicians wanted to visit the city of Irpin destroyed by the war on Monday morning. © dpa Hubertus Heil (SPD, L), Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, and Nancy Faeser (SPD), Federal Minister of the Interior and Home, are increasing at the Rzeszow Airport for a trip to Ukraine from a plane aircraft.

Video: Kharkiv: Thursday's bombings left devastated landscapes (Dailymotion)

Two houses have burnt armored vehicles in their courtyard, with on one of them painted in the bomb "dead at the enemy "In Ukrainian.

Nearby, a t-72 tank, the turret torn off, lies on the road, like the corpse of a formerly formidable beast, greedily stripped and abandoned to the elements.

Six explosions of variable intensity -Almost certainly a few kilometers away -resounded while Galyna Kios were acting, around noon.

A few houses further, Nadia Iltchenko says she brought her daughter and her nine-year-old granddaughter to Mala Rogan at the start of the war.

She then believed that it was safer to stay at home, at a short distance by car from Kharkiv, but she quickly realized that she had misused the situation.

Screened with

bullets in the midst of violent bombings in the village, this 69-year-old woman again sent her daughter and her granddaughter before fleeing with her husband on March 19.

A diverted video claims to show angry Italians against Ukrainian demonstrators

 A diverted video claims to show angry Italians against Ukrainian demonstrators A viral video shows Italian drivers exasperated by the train without bigging demonstrators who block traffic by sitting on the road. According to some accounts, these demonstrators are Ukrainian refugees, and the episode would show the fed up of the Italians towards the claims of the Ukrainians. The video actually shows a completely different situation: a demonstration of environmental activists in Rome last June.

During her exile, she saw her horny house on a video.

"I came back on May 19 and I still suffer from an increase in tension. We spent almost two months, my husband and I, trying to clean," says Nadia Iltchenko.

volunteers have helped cleare the debris, but the facade of the property is still in disorder and there is still a lot of work.

"The Russians were in our house and there are so many things that have been riddled with bullets, which burned, that we can no longer use ...", she said.

"The only thing I like now, the only thing that warms me up is the flowers in the garden-although they parked a Russian tank on it," she adds.

Nadia Iltchenko describes the traumatized reaction of her granddaughter when she discovered a house not only in disorder, but used by intruders.

"Why did they do that?" She asked, recalls the grandmother. "I told her I didn't know and my granddaughter became hysterical."

"It was difficult to prevent him from crying," she adds.

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