US News heat wave: Two drugs for the heart increase the risk of heart attack

08:50  03 august  2022
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Michel Polnareff without taboos: its cash secrets on drugs

 Michel Polnareff without taboos: its cash secrets on drugs © Christophe Clovis / Bestimage Michel Polnareff without taboos: its cash confidences on drugs at the microphone of the show there is not one life in the Life this July 23, singer Michel Polnareff fought on his fights, his phobias and his relationship to drugs over the years. It is rather discreet in the media . Yet this Saturday, July 23, Michel Polnareff confided in the microphone of Isabelle Morizet in the program There is not only one life in life on Europe 1.

close-up of an elderly man's hand held his chest in pain concept of heart disease © Adobe Stock Close-up of an Elderly Man's Hand Held His chest in Pain Concept of Heart Disease

A study of the Yale School of Public Health reveals that During hot weather, patients taking beta-blockers and antiplatelet drugs like aspirin presented an increased risk of heart attack. Zoom on this new discovery.

researchers have looked into the link between hot weather and risk of heart attack. They thus realized that The exposure to heat (or cold) made heart attacks more likely : Heart crises linked to heat increase from 2 to 3 ° C more than normal temperatures. To go further, the team of the Yale School of Public Health examined a group of 2,494 cases having undergone non -fatal heart attacks in Augsburg, Germany, during the hot months (from May to September) between 2001 and 2014 . This study is based on this data by examining the consumption of patient drugs before their heart attack .

heat wave in China. Tens of millions of inhabitants called to stay at home

 heat wave in China. Tens of millions of inhabitants called to stay at home © Aly Song / Reuters Shanghai recently broke a 149 -year -old heat record, with 40.9 ° C. Here, July 23. While China is experiencing a strong wave of heat, several cities have called on their inhabitants to "cease any activity outside". Several cities in Chine are on red alert on Monday, July 26 due to , the heat wave hitting the country, where tens of millions of inhabitants have been called to stay at home.

Aspirin, beta-blockers: dangerous during the heat wave?

Scientists compared the day of the heart attack to one day a week before. Results ? Patients taking treatment such as beta-blockers or antiplatelet drugs (such as aspirin) were more likely to have heart attacks during the warmest days compared to control days. More specifically, antiplatelet drugs were associated with an increase of 63 % of the risk and beta -blockers with an increase of 65 % . People taking the two drugs had a 75% higher risk of having a heart attack. Researchers also realized that younger patients, less likely to have a heart attack, taking beta-blockers and antiplatelet drugs were more sensitive to heat-related heart attacks than older patients, however having a cardiac disease.

Sleep and air conditioning: good reflexes to have

 Sleep and air conditioning: good reflexes to have © Istock Sleep and air conditioning: good reflexes to have in this summer period of very strong heat, which sometimes saw the heat wave, some people make the decision to sleep With the air conditioning on all night. A habit that can affect health if the air conditioner is not properly adjusted or maintained.

Medication for the heart: a more difficult body temperature regulation

Kai Chen, deputy professor in the Department of Epidemiology (Environmental Health) of the Yale School of Public Health and the first author of the study said that "patients taking These two drugs (aspirin and beta-blockers) have a higher risk (heart attack). ” After this first research, he added “ we hypothesize that some of the drugs can make it difficult to regulate body temperature .” If Professor Chen wishes to continue his investigations, he still advises patients to take precautions, especially during a heat wave.

protect himself during the hot weather

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The Ministry of Health and Prevention recalls the essential recommendations to protect its health in the event of a heat wave: Stay in the fridge ,

Drink water

regularly; Avoid alcohol ; Eat in sufficient quantity ; Close the shutters and windows during the day and ventilate the night; get wet the body to refresh themselves; give and take new of his loved ones (especially fragile people); Favor activities without effort .

41 ° C In the southwest: peak of the heat wave this Friday, a taste of 2050 .
© Copyright 2022, L'Obs The third heat wave of the year in France reaches its peak this Friday 12 August with between 38 and 41 ° C in the country, a heat that exhausts the hundreds of French and now European firefighters hired from east to west on multiple fires. Faced with these strong temperatures, 19 departments, from southwest to Finistère, are placed in orange heat wave by Météo France. The 40 ° C threshold was only exceeded once in the 1960s and once in the 1970s in France.

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