US News fires: In the Var, the firefighters maintain increased vigilance

10:00  06 august  2022
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Forest fire: The Gironde returns to red vigilance, record of hectares burned in France for 15 years

 Forest fire: The Gironde returns to red vigilance, record of hectares burned in France for 15 years © AP/SIPA only a few days after having experienced gigantic fires which destroyed more than 20,000 hectares, the department is Again in "very high" alert from this Monday. The Gironde wants to avoid at all costs a new dramatic episode of forest fires. Two weeks after having already made this decision, the prefecture of Gironde placed the department in red vigilance for forest fires, according to AFP.

La vague de chaleur s'estompe sur le territoire mais reste bien présente dans le sud-est de la France, notamment dans le Var où quatre massifs sont interdits à la promenade tandis que cinq autres sont fortement déconseillés. Les pompiers maintiennent leur vigilance et poursuivent leur entraînement en conditions réelles. © Adrien Nowak / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP The heat wave fades on the territory but remains very present in the south-east of France, Especially in the Var where four massifs are prohibited for a walk while five others are strongly not recommended. The firefighters maintain their vigilance and continue their training in real conditions.

In the Var, the firefighters remain on the alert. Temperatures remain very high, as is the risk of fires. The walk is also prohibited in four massifs and strongly not recommended in five others. Fire soldiers continue to train in the event that an Fire Fire is triggered.

fires in France: Gironde, Hérault, Finistère… A month of July marked by the starts of fires

 fires in France: Gironde, Hérault, Finistère… A month of July marked by the starts of fires © Vincent Michel / Ouest-France Fire in the Monts d'Arrée at the Saint-Michel-de-Braspart chapel on 19 July 2022. This month of July was shaken by a series of fires in France which burned a total of more than 40,000 hectares. If some would be natural, others would be of criminal origin. They are currently under control. More than 40,000 hectares burned . In France since early July, The fires have multiplied.

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Video: How to react in the event of a fire? The firefighter explains! (Dailymotion)

Talky-Walky in hand, with a fixed look, Lieutenant Oscar guides the two fire trucks in the brigade car park, in real intervention condition. On board the truck, the driver, Julien, hand on the steering wheel, has no right to make mistakes because it is he who opens the valves.

"It is essential to avoid any movement of panic"

"These are all the orders of the group leader that we respect to put the water at the right time. We don't have much, we have a reserve From 3,000 liters so water, we really keep it for the part where fire takes us and is virulent, "he explains.

This training, known as self-defense, to protect himself as flames are approaching is of paramount importance specifies Lieutenant Oscar: "These are maneuvers that the staff must know on their fingertips because it is essential In these moments to avoid any panic movement. Everyone must know what to do when and in peace despite the stress of a situation that has just happened, in which we find ourselves really instantly ".

All summer long, these repetitions will multiply and the 800 firefighters mobilizable in the Var will remain particularly vigilant, ready to extinguish the flames.

Tarn-et-Garonne. A 2 year old child dies drowned after falling into the swimming pool of his grandparents .
© David Ademas / Archives Ouest-France A two-year-old boy drowned in the pool of his grandparents, in Valence D 'Agen (Tar-et-Garonne), Wednesday August 3, 2022. A 2-year-old child died on Thursday August 4, 2022, after falling, the day before, in the pool of his grandparents, in Valence d'Agen (Tarn-et-Garonne). In cardiorepiratory arrest, he could have been revived by firefighters before being transferred to a helicopter to a Toulouse hospital, where he died.

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