US News A Fed official pleads in favor of a high increase in rates to bring inflation to 2%

00:40  08 august  2022
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Inflation in France still accelerates in July, at 6.1% over a year

 Inflation in France still accelerates in July, at 6.1% over a year © Jean-Francois Badias The increase in energy-related prices begins to lose in force, according to the National Institute of Statistics. France may have returned to growth, It does not bother with inflation. The increase in consumer prices in France accelerated again in July to 6.1% over one year, compared to 5.8% in June, according to a first provisional estimate published by INSEE on Friday, July 29. This is the highest figure since July 1985, the Institute of Statistics says.

Michelle Bowman, une gouverneure de la Fed, s'exprimant devant l'Association des banquiers américains à San Diego, en juin 2019. supplied by Tribune Michelle Bowman, a governor of the Fed, speaking before the association of bankers Americans in San Diego, in June 2019.

An official of the American Central Bank (Fed) pleaded on Saturday so that the institution continues to highly raise its guiding rates until inflation really decreases. The Fed increased its rates by 0.75 points at the end of July, a much higher increase than the usual quarter.

"Similar size increases should be considered until we see inflation decreasing in a coherent, significant and sustainable manner," said Michelle Bowman, a Fed governor, in front of the Kansas banker association.

Telephone campaign for inflation: What you should now consider when investing

 Telephone campaign for inflation: What you should now consider when investing despite raising the key interest rates by 0.5 percentage points, by the European Central Bank (ECB), interest rates remain low. After deducting the high inflation rate over seven percent, a thick loss remains for savers. But what investment is now worth it now and how do I protect my savings from inflation before loss of value? © dpa-tmn save money (symbol image) Questions about money and asset systems you can ask on Thursday, August 4 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

"It is absolutely essential that we continue to use our monetary policy tools until we succeeded in bringing inflation back to our 2%goal," she added.

Labor shortage

Video: The Fed strikes hard to shoot down inflation (Dailymotion)

Inflation reached 6.8% over a year, according to the PCE index, favored by the Fed , and 9.1%, according to the CPI index. Michelle Bowman evokes "a significant risk of high inflation next year for basic necessities, including food, housing, fuel and vehicles". Especially since the labor market, too, remains tense, with a shortage of labor. However, "one aspect of the labor market that has not straightened up is participation," notes the governor: "nearly four million people (in) are still absent".

The job market showed an unexpected dynamism in July, and the country has now found the 22 million jobs destroyed with the pandemic, while the unemployment rate fell to 3.5%, as in February 2020. But The participation rate remains stable, at 62.1%, compared to 63.4% in February 2020.

"It does not stop, this inflation!": In Turkey, the price of fuel explodes

 © AP - Francisco Seco in a shopping street in Istanbul, April 14, 2022. among all product categories, These are transport, the price of which has increased the most, with an annual price increase by 119%. This increase is first due to that of fuel prices, itself linked to the increase in energy prices on the world markets and to the fall in Turkish money. Unable to pay their full of essence as in the past, more and more Turks abandon their car.

No recession in view

The labor market should remain "solid" despite the increase in Fed guiding rates, according to Michelle Bowman, who nevertheless warns of "a risk that our actions slow down job creations, or even reduce employment". However, she judges that "the greatest threat to the vigor of the labor market is excessive inflation", which could lead to "an extended period of economic weakness coupled with high inflation, like (...) in the 1970s ".

The contraction of GDP in the first two quarters of 2022 "is perhaps an indication that our measures (...) have the expected effect". It does not envisage recession, but "a resumption of growth" in the second half, followed by "moderate growth in 2023". Fed rates are between 2.25 and 2.50%.

Fed warns banks of risks in crypto transactions .
Many financial companies want to get involved in crypto systems, but the US Federal Reserve Fed calls for caution. The newly emerging business area offers opportunities, but can recover risks regarding consumer protection and financial market stability, warned the Fed. © Ina Fassbender/dpa crypto transactions are risks according to Fed. banks would have to check in advance whether any crypto transactions are legal and the financial supervisors will inform about their plans in advance.

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