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16:20  11 august  2022
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Fortes chaleurs et climatisation : attention à la légionellose ! © Istock Strong heat and air conditioning: Watch out for legionellosis!

next week, a new episode of heat wave will invade France. Beware of the abusive use of air conditioning which can cause respiratory infections, some of which are potentially fatal such as legionellosis.

When it is hot, like the past weeks, the temptation is great to increase the air conditioning to cool a house, a car ... When they are defective or badly maintained , they are real microbes nests . In addition, the hot-hot thermal shock has the effect of irritating the respiratory mucous membranes and can cause more or less serious respiratory infections. Among them, we find legionellosis. This is an infection caused by a bacteria called "Legionella)". Monitoring of this disease is mainly based on the data collected by the Declaration of Cases, compulsory since 1987. In 2013, 1262 cases of legionellosis were declared in France (Invs updated data on April 28, 2014). In almost 11 % of cases declared, the disease causes an

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 Visit of Eric Dupond-Moretti to the Baumettes: The Minister of Justice went to Marseille this Wednesday to visit the prison and meet the residents and the elected officials who complain of nuisances. © supplied by Franceinfo "Eric Dupond-Moretti placed himself in listening position and made strong announcements," said on Wednesday August 3 on Franceinfo, Lionel Royer-Perreaut, Renaissance deputy for the 6th district of Bouches -Du-Rhône, former mayor of the 9th and 10th arrondissement of Marseille.

. This disease is developing in stagnant waters. The

is treated in most cases by antibiotics, generally administered in hospital over a period of 14 to 21 days. Untreated, it can be fatal. It is therefore imperative to limit the use of devices operating with stagnant waters, as is the case for most air conditioners. We also find this bacteria in jacuzzis and spas for example. Preventing risks linked to legionellosis

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The incubation is on average 2 to 10 days

, and is accompanied by symptoms of this


is characterized by:

a high fever; A feeling of discomfort; A dry cough without rhino-pharyngeal signs; A asthenia; Myalgia; headache; Respiratory failure; Brutal weight loss;

To fight against this disease, the authorities have imposed a series of strict maintenance and maintenance measures of facilities since 2004. X1X1 in a report by the Higher Public Hygiene Council in France, dating from 2001, the members advocate “a good Maintenance of an installation is an essential condition for combating the proliferation of Legionella ”. Indeed, for advice, "any risk installation must be subject to regular maintenance". This regular maintenance includes in all cases cleaning the installations (fight against tartar and corrosion) and, possibly, in a next step, water disinfection using biocidal products. X1

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